SUZZANNA: BURIED ALIVE (2018) Reviews and overview

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Suzzanna: Buried Alive – aka Suzanna: Bernapas dalam Kubur is a 2018 Indonesian supernatural horror feature film directed by Rocky Soraya (Sabrina; Mata Batin; The Doll and The Doll 2) and Anggy Umbara (Bloodlust Beauty; Satu Suro). The movie stars Luna Maya, Herjunot Ali and Clift Sangra.

It is a loose remake to the 1981 film titled Sundelbolong directed by Sisworo Gautama Putra.


“Luna Maya does a pretty good Suzzanna impression and there a couple of surprisingly effectively nasty moments. Has poor class politics, but that’s not really why I watch these things. My only real issue is why this needed to be over two hours long.” Assignments

“There is a lo-fi charm to Suzzanna, which makes it sporadically entertaining. The kills are gross and gory, and the practical effects are solid. But the movie’s charms get crushed under its bloat. Every scene feels twice as long as necessary, with some bits stretched to the point of unintentional hilarity.” Daily Dot

” …while it’s not overly scary, the revenge story takes more than enough turns to keep from getting too boring, and it’s fun to root for the ghost with a hole in her back for a change. It’s also not bad that […] much of it is still over-the-top and cheesy, just like a good popcorn horror film should be. But the big problem is that the movie is far too long.” Decider

” …once Suzzanna is “back” and goes after those who buried her, she turns into a weird witch-like character. Yes, complete with the stereotypical maniacal witch laughter as she terrifies those she’s after. It might be scary for kids, but as adults watching this, it’s just dumb.” Heaven of Horror

“A couple of scares are quite well-executed and there’s one very intense home-invasion sequence that made me feel truly uncomfortable. Unfortunately, the redeeming qualities Suzzanna undeniably has aren’t enough to save the overall film, which at the end feels like a huge miscalculation.” Horror World & Reviews

” …the fact that Suzzanna: Buried Alive is a celebration of schlocky Indonesian genre cinema isn’t going to cut it as an excuse for some of those people. The film’s much better at being over-the-top than it is at being scary, and at over two hours, with certain sequences extended to a point of near-absurdity.” Ready Steady Cut!

“The pacing feels off for most of the film too because of this, dragged out unnecessarily with the bursts of horror almost overwhelming greeted by shrieking laughter from the spirit. This overlong horror really fizzles out before the end which is a shame as there’s certainly potential here for a really satirical view on 80’s horror with a little more polish.” The Review Geek


The movie is apparently a tribute to the celebrated actress Suzzanna, who starred in popular fantasy and horror titles such as The Queen of Black Magic (1981) and The Hungry Snake Queen (1983).

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