BLOODLUST BEAUTY (2019) Reviews and overview


Bloodlust Beauty is a 2019 Indonesian supernatural horror film about a ghostly figure that haunts Jambatan Bridge.

Directed by Anggy Umbara (Suzzanna: Buried Alive; Satu Suro), Si Manis Jembatan Ancol “The Sweetheart at Ancol Bridge” stars Indah Permatasari, Arifin Putra, Randy Pangalila and Ozy Syahputra.


Maryam (Indah Permatasari) is a woman who seeks happiness after her relationship with a man named Roy (Arifin Putra) is on the verge of collapse. The presence of Yudha (Randy Pangalila) enables Maryam to find peace. However, she is tragically killed. Thereafter, scary legends about her ghost begin to spread…


“The film’s cinematography – especially the red dress worn by Maryam’s character – is hypnotizing. Likewise with the arrangement of images and visual effects that appear convincing. Despite these slight advantages, it’s very difficult to be completely satisfied with this latest execution for the story of Si Manis Jembatan Ancol – a shallow choice of storytelling that is moderately directed. Bad.” Amir at the Movies [Translated from Indonesian]

“This film has tried to modify and present some story innovations even though it doesn’t make the story better but makes it worse. This happens because the logic and rationality of the story are very lacking. As a result, the storyline in the film feels flat and unattractive. The technical achievements that were already quite good were wasted because of the weak storytelling.” Montase Film [Translated from Indonesian]


Si Manis Jembatan Ancol was released in Indonesia by MVP Pictures on 26th December 2019.

Cast and characters:

Indah Permatasari … Maryam
Arifin Putra … Roy
Randy Pangalila … Yudha
Ozy Syahputra … Bang Ozi
Ananta Rispo … Pak RT
Arief Didu … Bang Kotan
Anyun Cadel … Ucup
Tomy Babap … Bang Jupri
Egy Fedly … Mbah Kelling
Ruth Permatasari … Mbak Sri

Fun Facts:

In 1993, there was a comedy-horror soap opera of the same name based on an urban legend about the ghost of a 19th-century woman named Maryam who was killed nearby.

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