TRIASSIC ATTACK (2010) Reviews and overview

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Triassic Attack is a 2010 American feature film about dinosaur fossils that are brought to life by the Native American owner of a museum.

Directed by Colin Ferguson (actor in The Vampire Diaries; Lake Placid 3) from a screenplay written by Russell J. Friedman and Tripp Reed (Mandrake), the UFO International production stars Steven Brand, Kirsty Mitchell, Raoul Max Trujillo, Gabriel Womack and Emilia Clarke.


“It loses points for trying to be serious a little too often, Clarke’s separated parents feature and worry about their daughter, and inevitably resolve their differences while escaping from skeletal bitey things, and it’s definitely no Tammy and the T-Rex – the gold standard that all bad low budget dinosaur films should be judged by – but it is often damn amusing and perfect for when you’re in the mood for something dumb, fun, and full of bones.” Comedy to Watch

” …the first thing we have to muscle past in order to accept Triassic Attack as a viable piece of entertainment is that this is one mighty dull start to a movie. Listening to our actors, none of them being all that good, go on and on about their various personal problems before the Triassic Mayhem begins was almost mind-numbing.” Film Critics United

” …we have some less than effective looking dinosaur skeletons causing chaos whilst we have some daft characters thrown in for comedy effect, except they are not very funny. I wish I could tell you that there is something in Triassic Attack to praise but there isn’t.” The Movie Scene

“You’d have thought that by coming up with the idea for the film, the script would be more inventive in how it treats the skeletons. But that’s asking too much from SyFy. They had the same script as they usually do, swapped the monsters around and then forgot to tailor it to the new monster’s needs. Do I need to comment on the acting? It’s awful across the board…” Popcorn Pictures

“Russ Friedman and Tripp Reed took extreme intellectual shortcuts while writing this, and their script gets dumber by the minute until it’s beyond redemption, at which point it becomes nothing short of amazing.” Tales of Terror

“You know, watching fossilized dinosaur skeletons running around and killing people is sort of amusing for about five minutes.  Sadly, this thing has to take up a two-hour time slot on The SYFY Channel. And that means you’re pretty much up Shit Creek.” The Video Vacuum


Triassic Attack premiered on November 27, 2010, on the Syfy television channel.

Cast and characters:

Steven Brand … Jake
Kirsty Mitchell … Emma
Raoul Max Trujillo … Dakota (as Raoul Trujillo)
Gabriel Womack … Wyatt
Emilia Clarke … Savannah
Jazz Lintott … Matt
Christopher Villiers … University President Richmond Keller
Nathalie Buscombe … Melissa
Vlado Mihailov … Deputy Savage
Jordan Bonev … Corporal
Lincoln Frager … Frat Dude
Michael Sterward … Bryan
Veselina Ilieva … Assistant
Alexander Nikolov … Cadet
Samuil Mihaylov … Kid

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