Fear PHarm (2020) reviews and overview

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‘Step into your worst nightmare’

Fear PHarm is a 2020 American horror feature film about four teenagers that enter a maze which is home to a deranged family.

Directed by Dante Yore (616 Wilford Lane; director of photography on Battle Star Wars; Megalodon) from a screenplay co-written with producers Mark S. Allen and Howard Burd (Apparition), the movie stars Emily Sweet (Desert Shadows; Castle Freak; Cry Havoc), Aimee Stolte (Battle Star Wars; Verotika; Megalodon), John Littlefield and Houston Stevenson.


It’s Halloween, and if four high school seniors can make it through the world’s scariest maze in under two hours, they will win a cash grand prize at the local fair.

It seems fun and easy enough, but little do they know, they will only make it through if they can escape a deranged family looking to harvest the DNA of young teens for their special pharmaceutical cream…

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Fear Pharm is very self-aware in its setup. It chooses the stereotyped horror movie tropes and jumbles them into a blender for periods of the film and churns them back out into their cookie-cutter format.” Back to the Movies

“Despite its occasional lighthearted air and flashes of satire, Fear PHarm is a rather potent dose of predicament horror whose story and production values transcend what appears to be a relatively low budget, and it succeeds in being good entertainment for fans of the genre.” HK and Cult Film News

“Things move at a brisk pace, and the stalk n’ slay games keep you on the edge of your seat, and that sprawling corn maze is a hell of an effective set-piece that gives the affair an extra layer of claustrophobia and dread… especially since there are costumed goofs populating its environs, as well as the actual mass murdering crazies…” Horror Fuel

” …helps that for once the leads aren’t so obnoxious that I wanted them dead ASAP. Rustin is a bit grating but he’s tolerable. It’s a nice change to have characters that I actually cared about. The film manages to work up a good bit of suspense as it moves into The Texas Chainsaw Massacre territory. Well, TCM with clowns and scarecrows.” Voices from the Balcony

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In the USA, Magnolia is releasing Fear PHarm on DVD on September 15, 2020. Buy via Amazon.com

Cast and characters:

Emily Sweet … Wendy
Aimee Stolte … Gemma
John Littlefield … Hershel
Houston Stevenson … Brandon
Tiana Tuttle … Melanie
Philip Nathanael … Bobby
Chris Leary … Rustin
Brandon J. White … Bernard
Jenna Burd … Young Gemma
Jenn Tripp … Sarah
Kelly Savanna Deaton … Tonya

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