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‘You’ll never know what bit you’
Lake Placid 2 is a 2007 American horror film about huge crocodiles that return to Black Lake in Maine.

Directed by David Flores (Invasion Roswell; S.S. Doomtrooper; Boa vs. Python) from a screenplay written by Todd Hurvitz and Howie Miller, the movie stars John Schneider, Sarah Lafleur, Sam McMurray and Chad Michael Collins. It was produced by Jeffery Beach and Phillip Roth.

” …there is some of the worst dialogue I’ve heard in forever, here. Jokes fall flat, exposition is slim, and the story is pretty ridiculous. Overall, there’s really nothing to this film beyond a cash-in, or attempted cash-in. Yes, it’s a horrible sequel to a pretty terrible movie, but it’s still better than Super Croc in the end.” Cinema Crazed

“The script is nothing but a low-budget rehashing of the first movie — with everything on a much smaller scale. We have the sheriff, the animal expert, the big-game hunter, and the crazy old lady, just as in the original. But, where the original had several sheriff’s deputies, elaborate traps, and a helicopter, Lake Placid 2 has just the sheriff, one trap, and a CGI plane.” DVD Sleuth

“To fill out the film’s running time, we get introduced to a lot of crocodile fodder in the form of horny nubile teenagers straight out of a Friday the 13th textbook and carbon copy characters ripped off from the original Lake Placid. They’re all fairly annoying, so you’ll be glad to see them unconvincingly chomped apart by the CGI crocs.” DVD Talk

“It’s not even goofy fun like the original or the average ‘original’ Sci-Fi film. Headless Horseman may not have been a classic, but I was at least entertained and the production value was high. This can’t even manage that, as (painfully obvious/bad) CG is not only used for every single shot of the damn croc, but even a goddamn seaplane (and they actually manage to make the plane look faker than the crocodile!).” Horror Movie a Day

“The production values and overall polish take a nosedive from the original, but I think this sequel is actually more fun, as it embraces the cheese. I still wish the crocodile attacks were more frequent and creative, but this film does at least put more focus on the crocodile mayhem, an area the original certainly lacked in.” Marc Fusion

“I think in the entire movie there are probably three scenes which managed to make me laugh and the attempts of being tongue in cheek mostly end up failing. Even John Schneider turning on the charm and doing so in that slightly over the top, tongue in cheek manner fails to bring any joy to the movie.” The Movie Scene

“The filmmakers behind this sequel don’t seem to understand that audiences weren’t laughing at the original film—they were laughing with it. Those instances where Lake Placid 2 invites audiences to laugh along (like when it almost becomes Eaten Alive or the fact that everyone’s find and dandy despite having watched about a dozen people get chowed down by crocodiles) are drowned out by the utter inanity surrounding them.” Oh, the Horror!

“Thankfully there’s not actually that much croc action until about two-thirds of the way in so the trashy crocodile effects don’t get to see much light of day. Even then most of the munching take places with poorly acted characters pretending to writhe around whilst they are attacked by CGI.” Popcorn Pictures

” …scripters Todd Hurvitz and Howie Miller place an all-too-consistent emphasis on dialogue when they should be stressing croc-chomping action. It doesn’t help that virtually all of Lake Placid 2‘s characters come off as one-dimensional stereotypes, which inevitably perpetuates the film’s decidedly low-rent feel and cements its place as a rather superfluous piece of work…” Reel Film Reviews

“It delivers on the gore (severed arms, heads, etc.) and some of the attempts at humor actually manage to be kinda funny. Sure, you still have to put up with the same annoying teenage characters and shoddy CGI monsters you’ve come to expect from SyFy Channel Originals, but you’ve got to take the good with the bad I guess.” The Video Vacuum

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Lake Placid 2 premiered on April 28, 2007, on the Sci-Fi Channel and was released direct-to-video on January 29, 2008. The DVD version includes female nudity. Buy from

Cast and characters:
John Schneider … Sheriff Riley
Sarah Lafleur … Emily
Sam McMurray … Struthers
Chad Michael Collins … Scott (as Chad Collins)
Alicia Ziegler … Kerri
Joe Holt … Ahmad
Ian Reed Kesler … Thad
Justin Urich … Larry
Cloris Leachman … Sadie Bickerman
VJ Kewl … Rachel (as V.J. Benson)
Robert Blush … Frank
Jonas Talkington … Cal
Terence H. Winkless … Deputy Dale Davis
Michael McCoy … Tillman
Andrea Enright … Female Deputy

Filming locations:

Technical specs:
1 hour 28 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.85: 1
Audio: Dolby Digital

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