BEYOND THE OMEGA (2020) Italian horror with trailer


Beyond the Omega is a 2020 Italian horror feature film about a man that descends into madness after his fiancée is killed.

Written and directed by Mattia De Pascali (Resurrection Corporation), the Baionetta production stars producer Lorenzo Lepori, Benedetta Rossi, Pio Bisanti, Alex Lucchesi and Lucia Pipchak.


Aristodemo is a shy and compliant man that’s just about to get married. When a maniac kills his fiancée, the man isolates himself in a lonely cabin in the woods. He seeks comfort in an absurd relationship with a lifesize doll, but he is unable to avoid a spiral into madness…


Beyond the Omega will be released on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD this October.


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Cast and characters:

Lorenzo Lepori … Aris
Benedetta Rossi … Persefone
Alex Lucchesi … Pietro
Pio Bisanti … The maniac
Vincenzo Puzziferri … Inspector
Concetta Pagliarella … Dominatrix
Simona Vannelli … Saleswoman
Lorenzo Carcasci … Camper
Francesco Salerno … Policeman
Lucia Pipchak … Iris

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