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‘Don’t forget you’re lunch!’

Lake Placid 3 is a 2010 American horror feature film about crocodiles and their offspring that terrorise the residents of a small community.

Directed by Griff Furst [as G.E. Furst] (Trailer Park SharkCold Moon; Arachnoquake; Wolvesbayne; I Am Ωmega) from a screenplay written by David Reed (Lake Placid: The Final Chapter; Boogeyman), the movie stars Colin Ferguson (director of Triassic Attack), Yancy Butler (Lake Placid vs. Anaconda; Lake Placid: The Final Chapter; Shark Week), Kirsty Mitchell (Down a Dark Hall; Triassic Attack) and Kacey Clarke (Clash of the Dead; Roadkill; I Spit on Your Grave 2).


“For the most part, this one was quite an exciting and enjoyable effort. One of the more impressive features here is the fact that this one goes for the most action in the whole series, which manages to get plenty of impressive scenes that come with the standard situations found in these films.” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

“It takes a long while for this movie to pick up steam, but I will admit the last 30 minutes or so offer up some entertaining creature feature mayhem. Writer David Reed and director G. E. Furst cut between three parallel plot threads as the film heads toward its resolution (the teens, the poachers, and Nathan’s family), and this keeps things moving and interesting.” DVD Talk

“The last 15 minutes of the film is very exciting and well-paced and as the survivors try to escape from the crocodiles, you can be very caught up in it.  The film sadly does not offer an explanation as to why the crocodiles, after two years, would suddenly start trying to eat everything in sight, from people to boats and cars and these silly moments really let the film down.” I Spit on Your Taste

Lake Placid 3 is quite similar to the second movie – an authority figure with a troubled son, a group of camping youths getting picked off in the woods – but is a much better, more entertaining film than its predecessor. Better writing, better characters, better croc action. Whereas 2 provided almost zero enjoyment, I had fun watching 3.” Life Between Frames

” …at least the script throws out any kind of effort to be smart or subtle this time, so we have manic characters, outlandish dialogue, and dialed up drama, all welcome elements. And while Lake Placid 3 still isn’t able to make the most of the ridiculous concept and go for broke, it feels like a minor step up from the earlier movies, so there’s that.” Marc Fusion

“The special effects here are usually worse than in Lake Placid 1 and 2, which is astounding.  Mind you, the original film was made by a major studio, but the latter was not.  Even the good actors here (Ferguson and Ironside) do not bring this movie up.  There is a certain humorous appeal to be had here and the unrated cut does have nudity, but it still sucks overall.” Mondo Bizarro

“On a script level, the film is eager to indulge this as well because the body count is pretty insane, and it often feels like all bets are off in terms of who bites it. For once, I was actually surprised by who manages to survive, so the film at least has a little bit of meanness in it. While that’s a far cry from the original, at least it’s something…” Oh, the Horror!

Lake Placid 3 is at least better than the previous film but that’s saying little. It’s just your standard run-of-the-mill creature feature flick, no more, no less. There’s no ambition shown here. No taking chances with the material. You’ll have seen this film before and you’ll see it many, many times more…” Popcorn Pictures

” …with the lamentable lack of gore undoubtedly compounding the film’s progressively tedious atmosphere (i.e. the only thing one asks out of an endeavor such as this are copious scenes of folks getting ripped limb from limb by vicious crocs). Furst’s reliance on shaky camerawork during the movie’s sparse action sequences is regrettable…” Reel Film Reviews

“If you don’t mind bad special effects, thin plotlines and rough editing, and if movies about killer animals are your thing, then you might enjoy Lake Placid 3. It is slightly better than Part 2 but is still an insult to the first one.” Tales of Terror

“The only real reason to watch it is for the gore. There’s a couple of OK croc maulings, some finger biting, a Chihuahua crocodile snack, and a fairly decent severed head that culminates in a geyser of CGI blood.  Speaking of CGI, the special effects are nothing to brag about but they’re better than most SyFy Channel Originals.” The Video Vacuum


Lake Placid 3 premiered on August 21, 2010, on Syfy. The movie was released to DVD on October 26, 2010. The DVD is an unrated version and contains female nudity.

Cast and characters:

Colin Ferguson … Nathan
Yancy Butler … Reba
Kirsty Mitchell … Susan
Kacey Clarke … Ellie (as Kacey Barnfield)
Jordan Grehs … Connor
Michael Ironside … Sheriff Tony Willinger
Mark Evans … Brett
Nils Hognestad … Aaron
Bianca Ilich … Vica
Angelica Penn … Tara
Brian Landon … Charlie
Atanas Srebrev … Jonas
Don Andersen … Walt (as Donald Andersen)
Roxanne Carrion … April (as Roxanne Pallet)
James Marchant … Jason

Filming locations:


Technical details:

93 minutes

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