THE MAID (2020) Reviews and overview


The Maid is a 2020 Thai horror feature film about a teenager employed as a domestic servant who is haunted by the previous maid.

Directed by Lee Thongkham (The Last One) from a screenplay written by Piyaluk Tuntisrisakul based on Thongkham’s storyline, the Global Film Station-Hollywood production stars Ploy Sornarin, Kannaporn Puangtong, Savika Chaiyadej and Theerapat Sajakul.

[May contain spoilers] Reviews:

“There are few drawbacks such as the creators suddenly shifted the genre from spooky horror to revenge slasher. The shift was not expected and not very convincing. And also the usage of the monkey doll which was shown like the Chucky doll. Has nothing to do with the storyline is more or like a filler in the story.” Bingeopedia

“The third act of The Maid features many exciting sequences and is enough to spoil the hearts of slasher fans […] the brutal scenes at the height of the conflict are quite satisfying even if you have to go through various grooves that dip in the middle of the film.” Cultura [translated from Indonesian]

“During its horror portion, the director was able to amp up the atmosphere and terror even without the use of jump scares. The slasher portion was the highlight which was all-out and no-holds-barred gory fun much like a Kill Bill experience. Overall, The Maid had a lot of head-scratchers in its narrative but made up for it with its highly-entertaining last half hour.” Reel Advice

“The film definitely picks up after a while, with the characters becoming more compelling and interesting. Joy initially seems plainly innocent and sweet, but we get intriguing glimpses of a much more mysterious side. By the half-time mark, it almost feels like a completely different movie, definitely in a good way. Director Lee Thongkam amps up the horror, this time, it’s not just because of the ghosts.” Sinema

“This tired retread of every notable Gothic romance and upstairs/downstairs drama, from The Innocents to Parasite, albeit without the atmosphere or tension, eventually gives way to a more intriguing, if no less derivative, story […] Conversely, Ploy pitches her performance perfectly, unravelling quite spectacularly from vaguely irritating to deliriously unhinged as the story’s central mystery is finally revealed.” South China Morning Post

The Maid is a little confused about what it wants to be – a horror or a revenge story. However, the ending 20 minutes is a bloodbath and I am here for it. I can’t say the same about a major chunk of the first half. It’s kinda boring, and people just look mildly curiously in the distance but we don’t see or feel their dread or tension.” TechQuila

“A couple of flashbacks reveal that this is in fact, as a story of revenge. It is the unassuming and sweet Joy’s back story that give you the real chills, and this is what is really worth watching out for. The latter part of the film returns to being all about violence and gore. And if that kind of horror and action is what one finds most satisfying about this genre, then you sure do get your money’s worth.” Times of India


The Maid is available for streaming in various territories via Netflix.

Cast and characters:

Ploy Sornarin … Joy
Kannaporn Puangtong … Ploy
Savika Chaiyadej … Uma
Theerapat Sajakul … Nirach
Keetapat Pongrue … Nid
Ratchanok Suwannaket … Fon
Sorabodee Changsiri
Ounruan Rachote
Natanee Sitthisaman … Wan
Alina Homsangpradit … Doctor
Venus Saksiri … Joy’s friend

Technical details:

103 minutes