THE AMITYVILLE HARVEST (2020) Reviews and overview

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‘Some rules should never be broken’
The Amityville Harvest is a 2020 American horror film about documentary filmmakers trying to film the owner of an ancient mansion with a troubled past.

Written and directed by Thomas J. Churchill (The Day of the Living Dead; Xenophobia; Lazarus: Apocalypse), the movie stars Sadie Katz (Clown Fear; Bus Party to Hell; Hybristophilia), Paul Logan (Ouija Mummy; Mega Piranha; Way of the Vampire), Julie Anne Prescott (Stranded; Hell Nurse; Clown Motel), Eileen Dietz and Kyle Lowder.

While staying at an ageing mansion to research its liquor-smuggling history, Christina (Sadie Katz) and her documentary video team interview their spooky host Vincent — but no one can capture his image or voice on video! After shocking dreams and bloody encounters, the crew members fall under Victor’s hypnotic spell. Can Christina and her sister stave off Victor’s dark magic and survive Amityville’s deadly harvest?

“This brand of robotic bloodsucker went out of fashion forty years ago. Also out of fashion? Hands on shoulders, nightmare sequences, flashlights that don’t work, and other moldy movie clichés that are older than the vampire. The house looks good and is decorated to be eye-catching, so the production did that much right.” Culture Crypt

“The overall story itself could have used another draft, with some much-needed cutting down to bring out the potential that is there. In terms of the performances, better direction and, perhaps, more adept actors were needed to make things less awkward onscreen. Throw in the chaotic editing and poor special effects, there’s a lot working against this film.” Nightmarish Conjurings

“The only thing more pitiful than the horror inclusions are the moments of endless chatter between nobody characters. A woeful concoction of lazy filmmaking that takes advantage of an infamous town only to capitalize on an inept series of films with said town in the title.” Splatter Critic

“Vampires and shadows are, of course, a known trope area but these things seemed invisible to others (at the dinner table no one notices) but also cast a shadow themselves. Their function was not explained. It is the incoherent plot and flat 2D characters that really kills this off. We needed more investment and had none. This wasn’t very good I’m afraid.” Taliesin Meets the Vampires

The Amityville Harvest will be released on DVD, Digital and On-Demand by Lionsgate on October 20, 2020.

Main cast and characters:
Sadie Katz … Christina
Paul Logan … Robbie
Julie Anne Prescott … Ditta
Eileen Dietz … Mrs O’Brian
Kyle Lowder … Vincent Miller
Yan Birch … Clyde Barrott
Thomas J. Churchill … Mammon Beelzebub (archive footage)
Johanna Rae … Janet
Eva Ceja … Lexy
Michael Cervantes … Scratch
Dylan George … Funeral Attendee
Nicholas Waters … Frankie
Patrick Mulderrig … Randolph
Rufus Dorsey … Richard
Michael Gaglio … Bartender
Brandon Alan Smith … Cosmo
Keavy Bradley … Lana

Technical details:
94 minutes

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