The Undertaker’s Home (2020) reviews and overview

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The Undertaker’s Home is a 2020 Argentinian horror feature film about a family forced to fight a demonic presence in the funeral home where they live. Original title: La Funeraria

Written and directed by Mauro Iván Ojeda – making his feature debut – the movie stars Luis Machín, Celeste Gerez and Camila Vaccarini.


Bernardo (Luis Machín) is an undertaker. He runs his mortuary business in the same house where he resides. In the front, he has his clients. And in the back, his dysfunctional family lives among coffins, wreaths and mischievous supernatural entities that visit on a daily basis. They attribute the paranormal manifestations to the dead bodies from their mortuary work. Find the real source of all this madness will be their quest, but they might find a terrifying truth…

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“Admittedly, the first half of the film is a relatively slow pace, though the film does build up to a relatively effective climax, which includes not one but two setpieces taking place inside a porta-potty. The Undertaker’s Home also has a very unique closing scene that a bittersweet cherry to this haunted house film.” Sean Kelly on Movies

“The excellent score by Jeremias Smith does a lot of the heavy lifting, and you might never want to enter a Port-a-Potty again after watching this. It’s a lot of good parts that don’t entirely come together for a cohesive whole, but, given more time to develop what are some genuinely fascinating concepts, Ojeda could have a considerable future in horror.” The Spool

“You may have thought you’d seen it all when it comes to haunted house or possession movies but The Undertaker’s Home shows some original tricks.  It’s harsh and heartbreaking but manages to be genuinely creepy too.  The Undertaker’s Home deserves to sit alongside this year’s best horror movies.” Wight Blood

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