Enhanced (2019) reviews of hunted mutants sci-fi actioner

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‘The hunter becomes the hunted’

Enhanced is a 2019 Canadian science-fiction action feature film in which mutants go on the run after the authorities declare them illegal.

Directed by James Mark (On the Ropes aka Betrayal; Kill Order) from the screenplay co-written with Matthew Nayman (On the Ropes) and Peter Van Horne, the IndiePro Studios-JP Action Film production stars George Tchortov (iZombie; Wolves; Antiviral), Alanna Bale (Cardinal; Zombie at 17; Stickman), Adrian Holmes (A Christmas Horror Story; Elysium; Valentine) and Chris Mark (Kill Order; The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor). Produced by Plato Fountidakis, Bruno Marino and aforementioned James Mark.


When a sinister government organization declares them illegal, a group of ‘enhanced’ mutant outcasts including a young woman (Alanna Bale) go on the run. However, when a super-enhanced serial killer emerges on the scene, the dynamics between hunter and prey changes…

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“Oh dear. Mark’s drab and dour futuristic thriller is more SyFy than sci-fi […]  Basically it’s well over 90 minutes of blokes getting into and out of big shiny dark cars, with some chop-socky moments which fail to convince.” Dark Eyes of London

“An aggressively beige, laughably self-serious superhero movie which feels more like a low-budget TV pilot than an actual movie. Even at 99 minutes long it’s interminably dull and boldly dares to end by threatening the audience with a sequel which, surely, hopefully, won’t ever come to fruition.” Flickering Myth

“Pretty by the numbers super soldier SciFi nonsense. With that low budget Canadian flavour. Acting was fine, graphics were fine.” Grace M

“This wintery, action-heavy, rather solemn Canadian science-fiction picture has a lot in common with mini-franchises like the Scanners and Universal Soldier sagas – it goes with glowing electric eyes and blue CGI glows to indicate superpowers, but dresses everyone in flat, drab black and wool hats to dowdy them down to the point when no one would think of calling them comic book characters.” The Kim Newman Web Site

“While Enhanced takes place in the same universe as Kill Order, which also features the character of David, this is ultimately a standalone story that actually ends up being a quite solid action film. It helps that nearly everyone involved, including director James Mark, has a background in stunt work, which results in making Enhanced a film worth checking out.” Sean Kelly on Movies

Cast and characters:

George Tchortov … George
Alanna Bale … Anna
Adrian Holmes … Captain Williams
Chris Mark … David
Eric Hicks … Scott
Michael Joseph Delaney … Eli (as Michael j Delaney)
Patrick Sabongui … Joseph
Elvis Stojko … Officer Reves
Stefano DiMatteo … Marco
Jeffrey R. Smith … Danny
Dorren Lee … Franny
Jonny Caines … Subject 4
Carl Bauer … Ritchie
Mustafa Bulut … Subject 1
Eric Daniel … Mehran
Kevan Kase … Joey
Dylan Mask … Jim
Alain Moussi … Abel
Tyler Williams … Ron

Filming locations:

Huntsville and Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Technical details:

99 minutes
Audio: Dolby Digital

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