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‘Her music kills’

Sound of Violence is a 2020 American horror film about Alexis who composes music through torture and pain. As a child, the brutal murder of her family made her regain her previously-lost hearing along with synesthetic abilities.

Now as an adult, she’s told she might lose her hearing again, so she escalates her gruesome sound experiments in a quest to compose her masterpiece. Her supportive roommate Marie becomes the unknowing acolyte to her destructive process.

Written, produced and directed by Alex Noyer – making his feature debut and expanding on his short Conductor – the movie stars Lili Simmons (Gotham series; Bone Tomahawk), Hana Mae Lee (Abruptio; Phobias; The Babysitter and sequel), Brian Huskey (Ghosted series) and Jasmin Savoy Brown (Scream 5).


“Jasmin Savoy Brown is truly spectacular as Alexis, showing both an innocent and a cold-hearted side to a truly complex character. Sound of Violence is visceral, nightmarish at times and is equipped with a stunning closing set piece that will live long in your mind, ears and dreams.” Bloody Flicks

“Noyer’s feature adaptation of his short comes complete with stunning tableaus and cheer-worthy kills. But the narrative feels stretched to justify feature-length, and it feels like trudging through deep water to catch a glimpse of something beautiful.” CGM Backlot

Sound of Violence gets carried away with kookiness infrequently, but it isn’t an interpretive amble rooted in dreamy environments or characters dunked in pretentious fantasy. Sound of Violence is ambitiously weird enough that it doesn’t feel formulaic. At a time when microbudget thrillers mostly play it safe, it’s worth appreciating an underdog oddball that dares to do things a little differently.” Culture Crypt

“Unfortunately, the only possibility of enjoying this film comes for viewers who purely enjoy seeing cleverly orchestrated acts of violence on screen. Those viewers exist and should be allowed to enjoy such films with no judgment, but Noyer could have done more with this story…” Elements of Madness

“The kills are Saw-like in their intricacy and ability to inflict suffering, and the results can be extremely bloody. You’ll wonder why Alexis doesn’t simply listen to recordings of real-life bloodletting — the internet is your friend, psycho! — instead of making her own, but gorehounds will be happy with the results. The final set-piece makes little sense, but it’s a memorable visual.” Film School Rejects

” …it just felt like the story could have been filled out just a bit more in places. Don’t let this stop you from experiencing the symphony of pain that is Sound of Violence, however. It is a highly entertaining film with inventive–though sometimes unbelievable–kill scenes that will give you plenty to think about after it’s done.” iHorror

“Noyer displays creativity in the design of his murders, but frequently loses a bit in execution. I also struggled a bit with the film’s tone which tends to veer between dark comedy and something closer to grand tragedy. Nevertheless, it’s an impressive feature debut and a wonderful showpiece for a triumvirate of up-and-coming performers, especially lead Jasmin Savoy Brown.” Loud and Clear

“Alexis is a great musician but is one of the sloppiest killers you’ll see as, even though she had hours to clean up, she simply leaves her victims to be found the next day […] but Sound of Violence is worth the watch in terms of pure ingenuity in Noyer’s writing, as well as the creativity in sounds and visuals.” The Movie Buff

“[the] film’s set-pieces are certainly original and memorable. It’s a shame then that they’re delivered in a movie that just can’t seem to realise how silly its entire premise really is and stubbornly refuses to play this story for the laughs it should be inducing.” The Movie Waffler

“With Sound of Violence Noyer proves he has the chops to deliver guts and gore but, in striving to create what is sometimes termed “elevated genre” his premise is never satisfactorily explored and comes across as little more than a gimmick. This would have been fine if the film had featured as perhaps a long short in an anthology or single episode of a genre TV series but as a feature the slim narrative is stretched too far…” Outside Left

“Bearing witness to the colors, the blood, and the euphoria washing across Alexis’ face is something different. From one of the most squeamish scenes in a horror film in years to arresting sound design to a gleefully “wtf” ending, this one has it all. Strap on your headphones and get ready for one hell of a good time.” The Pitch

Sound of Violence plays out a resonantly deranged concept with unapologetic gore and a sensational style that aches to overwhelm its audience. Yet, even with his most imaginative slaughter sequences, Noyer aims for more than shock value. His script begs us not only to be horrified but also understand the motives of its monster.”

“A good reason to watch a horror film is for the kills. Writer/director Alex Noyer’s Sound of Violence delivers, giving us what will be some of the most memorable kills of the year […] Both lead actresses, Jasmin Savoy Brown and Lili Simmons are good in their roles. The relationship between Alexis and Marie has its own complications and they bring some believability to their dynamic.” Screen Anarchy

” …Sound of Violence is not without a major flaw. At no point prior to the killings are we given any idea that Alexis has the psychopathic nature needed to perform these murders. Or that she has the knowledge, or money, to build the various devices she uses on her victims. It all comes out of nowhere and strains the film’s credibility.” Voices from the Balcony


Deadline has reported that Gravitas Ventures has acquired North American rights to Sound of Violence, which is set to make its world premiere at the 2021 SXSW Film Festival in March. The film will be released theatrically and On-demand on May 21st 2021.

Cast and characters:

Lili Simmons … Marie Sotker
Hana Mae Lee … Maitreya
Brian Huskey … Mr Bell
Jasmin Savoy Brown … Alexis Reeves
James Jagger … Duke
Dana L. Wilson … Mrs Reeves
Waymond Lee … Beachgoer
James Wellington … Fred
Mataeo Mingo … Kevin Reeves
Wes McGee … Barry Reeves
Brennan Murray … Stranger
Lola Davidson … Latex Lady
Tessa Munro … Sonya Fuentes
Chris Yong … Drunk Guy
Corsica Wilson … Officer Davis

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