BIGFOOT: PATH OF THE BEAST (2020) Preview of creature feature


Bigfoot: Path of the Beast is a 2020 American horror feature film about a man hunting for the creature he blames for his wife’s disappearance.

Directed by Zach Bowman and Justin Snyder (Black Eyed Children: Let Me In) from a screenplay written by the latter, the movie also stars Justin Snyder alongside Matthew Pulling, Samantha Weller and Suzanna Woodhead.


John insists that a savage creature is to blame for the disappearance of his wife. When things begin to escalate, and it seems that no one believes John’s story, John concludes he must go and find proof to clear his name.

Only a body of the creature can resolve his problems, but as a private investigator Hank Whalsh closes in on the case, there is more to the story than John is telling. It asks the questions, what is really to fear in the woods?


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Cast and characters:

Justin Snyder … John Brandon
Matthew Pulling … Hank Whalsh
Samantha Weller … Sarah Brandon
Suzanna Woodhead … Bigfoot Researcher Becca
Jason Alan Cook … Bigfoot Researcher Frank
Kala Cooper … Kai
Anissa Deanna … Tina Horner
Robert Deigh … Man in Audience
Lynzey Donahue … Townhall member
Marc Goodman … Dave Palmer
Marcus Murphy … Angry Customer
Sheyda Nabaee … Producer Erica
Robin Rutherford … Mrs. Arnold
Meg Scanlon … Anne Brandon
Dan Thorp … Timothy Baron

Technical details:

93 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.78: 1


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