AN IDEAL HOST (2020) Reviews of Australian comedy sci-fi horror


An Ideal Host is a 2020 Australian science-fiction comedy horror feature film about a dinner party that descends into an alien invasion.

Co-produced, directed, photographed, edited and scored by Robert Woods from a screenplay written by co-producer Tyler Jacob Jones, the movie stars Nadia Collins, Evan Williams, Naomi Brockwell and St John Cowcher.

[May contain spoilers] Reviews:

“For a film that is only 85 minutes long it does a phenomenal job of world-building and this is mainly due to the razor-sharp script, which is both brutal and funny in equal measure. It also manages to hit some real emotional beats with an unexpected finale that some viewers could be shocked by. An Ideal Host maybe one of the best horror comedies of the last decade.” Bloody Flicks

“It may take a while to get going, but the last third is both gore-soaked and inventive. The movie also benefits from a very smart script and in the case of Liz, a character who makes the highly enjoyable transition from domestic goddess to indefatigable heroine (and back again), at one point cauterising a wound using the blow torch normally deployed for browning creme brulees.” Dark Eyes of London


An Ideal Host is proof that a good screenplay and story, solid direction, and all-in performances — along with well-rendered practical effects — can help an independent film succeed despite budgetary limitations.” Ghastly Grinning

“The more serious second half generates some straight suspense and bone-breaking, skin-peeling gore, with the high stakes more adeptly balanced with the humour of alien-hijacked characters moaning at each other for messing up the world domination plot. It’s eccentric enough to be memorable and performed with vigour.” HorrorScreams VideoVault

” …the 85-minute run time felt a little long. Basically, aliens have begun their takeover. Liz and her guests must fight to stave off infection and fight to stay alive. Most noteworthy, An Ideal Host was made on a micro-budget. For low budget fare, this certainly gives its all.” Mother of Movies


“With a script that starts off weird (who the hell practices a wedding proposal to impress their friends?), and gets more and more absurd, more maniacal as the film progresses – character flaws coming to the fore, tensions flaring and arguments raging […]  Yet for all that An Ideal Host never loses its humour.” Nerdly

Cast and characters:

Nadia Collins … Liz
Evan Williams … Jackson
Naomi Brockwell … Daisy
St John Cowcher … Brett
Mary Soudi … Mara
Daniel Buckle … Kyle
Tristan McInnes … Jon
Andrea Gibbs … Dawn
Sam Longley … Darryl

Filming locations:

Donnybrook, Western Australia (farmhouse)
Perth, Western Australia (club interior)

Technical details:

85 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.85: 1
Audio: Dolby Digital