Ghoul Scout Zombie Massacre is a 2018 American comedy-horror feature film about girl scouts that have to face off against zombies.

Written and directed by Eric Eichelberger – making his feature debut – the movie stars Joshua Cheramie, Penelope Grand, Sham Ibrahim and Cookie K. Filmmaker Joel M. Reed (Blood Sucking Freaks) has a cameo role.


Four girls find themselves in a reform school run by an evil woman that joins forces with her equally demented scientist brother who creates a serum to turn attractive rocker guys into lobotomized love slaves for his underground sleaze business.

The scientist brother laces girl scout cookies with the serum while his sister offers full pardons to the girls to sell them. They are aware that they aren’t your average cookies and agree. The evil plan backfires and the rocker guys turn into flesh-eating zombies and terrorize the town. It’s up to the girls to clean up the mess and restore peace before it’s too late…


Eichelberger commented: “I have been a fan of psychotronic films ever since I was a young kid growing up in Indiana. I wanted to make the ultimate tribute to both George A. Romero and John Waters – a crazy cinematic cocktail to shock and freak out most people, but all in fun.” He continued: “I spent years bringing this baby to life and am really excited to see it finally released. You’re definitely in for a psychotronic blast”


Ghoul Scout Zombie Massacre premiered in May 2018 at the MAC Horror Film Festival. The film is available now via

Filming locations:

New York and Los Angeles – shot over five year period

Cast and characters:

Joshua Cheramie … Doctor Irwin Klaw
Penelope Grand … Sherri Fulcrum
Sham Ibrahim … Patsy
Cookie K. … Wendy Powers
Melissa Leone … Linda Lovelocks
Madeline MacAbre … Cassandra Bush
Jessica Mazo … Liza Wonder
Joel M. Reed … Himself

Technical details:

111 mins (!)


Our rating: