LLAMAGEDDON (2015) Killer llama from outer space!

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‘Could this really be…’
Llamageddon is a 2015 American science fiction comedy horror film about a killer llama from outer space that crash lands on Earth. The llama soon begins killing a group of college students at a party.

Written and directed by Howie Dewin. Produced by Alan Smitty

“Sure, the digital effects creating the eye glow and the killer ray(s) are cheap, and, sure, the acting is obtuse and hokey, but the overall effect does somehow approach old ’50s sci-fi monster flicks. And, I gotta say, the movie is just too entertaining to properly hate on. It’s got almost no production values, hardly anyone involved knows quite what they’re doing, but it’s clear the filmmakers are plenty self-aware…” Allusions of Grandeur

“My only quibble with this film is that there was too much human, not enough llama. There are so many bad and awkward things about this film when you watch it, but Louie makes up for every single one of them… the extreme close-ups, the horrendous acknowledgement of puns, the dubious montages accompanied by loud music, Floyd’s transformation.” Emma @ the Movies

“It keeps the laughs coming, especially throughout the house party with the characters beautifully sending up the whole typical teenage/college student stereotypes and their exploits. The cast seem to be having a whale of a time and throw themselves fully into the idea of a killer space llama on the loose, with one character in particularly embracing a transformation spoof of An American Werewolf in London.” Horror Cult Films

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