DEMON PROTOCOL (2018) Reviews and overview

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‘Evil must be contained!’

Demon Protocol is a 2018 American horror film about a ghost exorcism that goes wrong causing one of those present to be possessed! But whom?

Written, produced and directed by Kelly Parks – making his feature debut – the Late in Life Productions movie stars Gary Graham (InAlienable; Necromonicon: Book of the Dead; Alien Nation and sequels), Bethany Regan, Caroline Amiguet (Everybody Dies By the End), Matt Bradford, Sarah Agor, Tim Baran, David Gerrold, Christina Alexandra Boyd, Scotch Hopkins, Lexsy McKowen and Suzana Norberg.


A suburban house: After a ghost exorcism goes horribly wrong a team from a shadowy religious order must determine who among them the demon has possessed, or all their lives are forfeit.


“This one hour movie is a fun, quick action-packed movie with an easy to follow story, with a nice use of space and quick editing. Everyone involved looks like they are enjoying their roles which helps with the enjoyment of the movie. Don’t expect to see elaborate SFX when the demon comes out to play, but enjoy the low budget greatness that is shown before you.” HorrorScreams VideoVault

“The film completely fails to deliver on the suspense implied by the premise (essentially wanting to be The Thing with demons). To Demon Protocol’s credit, it isn’t necessarily boring due to its quick pace and cheesy demeanor, and the 3rd act, though predictable, has its fun moments…” Killer Horror Critic

Demon Protocol is a nicely executed zero budget little horror flick centring around its supernatural twist on the paranoid ‘the enemy is among is’ plot that was done so well in films The Thing and Reservoir Dogs. Bookended by a superbly effective opening scene and a nasty little twist at the climax, writer and director Kelly Parkes works in some subtle world-building into the proceedings…” The Stricken Land

“The movie is entertaining, and it keeps us guessing, but it is also hindered by its low budget. People aren’t confined to one location, but they stay there, well… because. The cinematography is basic. The lighting is generic. The special effects aren’t great. The actors, on the other hand, are quite convincing.” Tales of Terror

Running just an hour, Demon Protocol keeps a fast pace, spitting out bullets and twists in equal amounts before tying it up in the final minutes […] The effects are simple but mostly effective CGI for the demons. It’s not great but it’s as good as a lot of TV shows and better than a lot of low budget films. Demon Protocol is an enjoyable watch.” Voices from the Balcony

” …it felt they packed a little too much incident into the last ten minutes and a little too little incident into the first forty-five. Also, honestly, it’s a little too reminiscent of The Thing […] I liked it just fine, and I think Parks has an interesting future ahead of him, but this is more an interesting curio than a genuinely great movie.” We Are Movie Geeks

“One thing I absolutely love about the film is its hour-long runtime. Instead of trying to drag the story out into a more acceptable hour and a half feature, they tell their story and roll credits. In fact, the only thing they did wrong in concept is the budgeted CGI.” Without Your Head

Cast and characters (alphabetical):

Sarah Agor … Silver
Caroline Amiguet … Anna Wilson
Tim Baran … David Haber
Christina Alexandra Boyd … Luisa
Matt Bradford … John Wilson
David Gerrold … James McCarthy
Gary Graham … Father Prester J. Bedford
Scotch Hopkins … Gregory
Lexsy McKowen … Camilla
Suzana Norberg … 911 Operator
Bethany Regan … Melanie Santos

Filming locations:

San Diego, California

Technical details:

60 minutes

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