THE GINGERWEED MAN (2021) has been announced by Full Moon

The Gingerweed Man is a forthcoming American comedy horror film from Full Moon Productions and a spin-off from their Evil Bong franchise.

The movie will be directed by Brooks Davis who has already worked on a slew of Full Moon productions such Blade: The Iron Cross (second unit director); Weedjies: Halloweed Night (first assistant director); Evil Bong 777 (assistant director); Puppet Master: Axis Termination (assistant director) and Evil Bong 666 (first assistant director).


The Gingerweed Man runs a successful dispensary delivery service, catering to a wide array of wacky clientele. But when he gets charged with protecting little Baby Buddy, a mysterious super strain weed dude that is wanted by every bad vibe in the city, mad misadventures follow!

There is currently no trailer available for The Gingerweed Man as the movie has just been announced.

Source: Arrow in the Head


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