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‘You can run but you can’t…’

getAWAY is a 2020 American meta-slasher horror film about an actress making a movie while being stalked by a real killer.

Written and directed by Blayne Weaver (Santa Girl; Cut to the Chase, Weather Girl, 6 Month Rule) the movie stars Emma Norville, Danielle Carrozza, Kyle Mangold and Franchesca Contreras.


Devastated by a sudden break-up, young actress Maddie (Emma Norville) needs a getaway from campus to help mend her broken heart. Her best friend lands her a role in the student slasher flick shooting this weekend at a camp deep in the Virginia forest. It’s the perfect place to unwind, but no matter how far into the woods she goes, her problems keep sneaking up behind her.

Before the film’s crew can shoot their first frame, their production gains an unwelcome new crew member… and he’s out for blood! Props go missing, equipment is stolen, and the bodies pile up. A crazed maniac has zeroed in on the students of this film class, but nothing is truly as it seems. The cast and crew turn on each other as they fight for their lives trying to escape the slaughter. And the bloodthirsty psychopath shoots each grisly demise for his own sick movie…


” …GetAWAY’s blatant slasher subgenre overpowers its meta-commentary on student film making. In my notes during viewing, I wrote, “A horror movie, that couldn’t figure out how to be a horror movie, about a student horror movie that couldn’t figure itself out.” And also “…this movie is trying to be ‘meta’ but can’t quite stick the landing.” Heaven of Horror

” …it’s something we’ve all seen before, it checks all the low-budget slasher film boxes, but we still want to hope it aims a bit higher. The effort and competence is there, and it would be nice to see writer/director Blayne Weaver try to maximize their talents and do something a bit more original; a bit more to stand out from the crowd.” Killer Horror Critic

“Weaver makes some curious decisions with the victims taking a very passive approach to their survival […] The biggest problem comes with the final act, which feels far too influenced from a modern classic 90s horror film. Weaver adds a change for the worse and upends some of the goodwill he’d established. This doesn’t completely ruin the film, but with a better killer motive, GetAWAY really could have been special.” Lyles Movie Files

“The script of GetAWAY had sat in the director’s desk for ten plus years until a project fell through and he needed something to shoot fast. While the dialogue was updated the rest of the script seems to have been left unchanged. That would explain why it’s free of most of the recent genre trends and feels more like an older film […] GetAWAY is still a respectable entry in the genre. One that certainly wouldn’t have been out of place at the mall multiplex back in the day. There’s a big enough cast to keep the bodies dropping at a reasonable pace.” Voices from the Balcony


GetAWAY premiered at the deadCENTER Film Festival earlier this year and played theatrically in a few locations after that. Gravitas Ventures will release the film on DVD on December 22nd 2020.

Cast and characters:

Emma Norville … Maddie
Danielle Carrozza … Kayla
Kyle Mangold … Lando
Franchesca Contreras … Harlowe
Joshua Cody … Noah
Michael Recchia … Krog
Jon Rust … Jacob
Kristel Rachocki … Abigail
Abigail Haggerty … Tabitha
Kira Jackson … Catherine
Daniel Rylee Bush … Rob
A.J. Cabbagestalk … Cameron
Marissa Chaffee … Ariel
Ali Dougherty … Laurie
Rylie Butzbaugh-Patrick … Additional Voice Talent

Filming locations:

Buffalo Gap Retreat, West Virginia
Shenandoah University, 1460 University Dr, Winchester, VA 22601

Technical details:

80 minutes


Not to be confused with Getaway (2020) directed by Lane Toran and starring Scout Taylor-Compton or Getaway (2029) directed by Lilton Stewart III.


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