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‘Santa’s got an ax to grind’

Slayed is a 2020 American horror film about a maniac that returns to the scene of a massacre. But the only survivor is waiting for vengeance!

Co-directed by and starring Jim Klock (Red Letters; 6:66 P.M.; Massacre on Aisle 12) and Mike Capozzi, and based on Klock‘s screenplay, the Code 3 Films production also stars Coel Mahal (Don’t Ask Nancy TV series; Nerdalicious; #1 Cheerleader Camp), Kyra Kennedy (Red Letters) and Delton Goodrum. Produced by Emily Adams, Mike Capozzi, Jim Klock and Darrell Martinelli.


Five years after a Christmas Eve massacre in Harris County, Arizona, when a crazed killer returns to an impending condemned water treatment plant to terrorise and kill again. Only this time, the lone survivor from that tragic night is waiting to make this Santa-clad monster pay for what he did…


Slayed turns out to be a disappointing hefty lump of coal with a few diamond patches sparkling through the sedimentary rock and catching our eye in a rather humbug holiday horror falling short of that so-bad-its-good set bar.” It’s Bloggin’ Evil!

“The characters spent way too much time bolting from one place to another with seemingly no destination in mind whatsoever. I understand a good chase scene, but this one went on way too long. For a slasher, the kills are a bit lackluster. There aren’t any big, unique onscreen gorefests, which is something I look forward to in this kind of film.” Pop Horror

“While the film is obviously an indie production, the small scope of the story meant it could be told relatively well, with believable elements to explain the small cast. Via flashbacks and environmental details the backstory is well explained, while the true motivations of the characters and the barely seen Santa means you are often left guessing as to who the real antagonist is.” The Rotting Zombie

” …[a] large piece is taken up by two extremely long and excruciatingly awful monologues from the killer. They’re obvious padding to help the film reach feature-length. Actually, if you took them and most of the pointless running around out, Slayed could be a segment of an anthology film. Just not a very good one […] despite its low body count, Slayed does have a couple of good effects. But that’s it, the rest of the film borders on unwatchable.” Voices from the Balcony


Terror Films released Slayed on Amazon Prime on December 18th 2020.

Cast and characters:

Jim Klock … Jordan
Mike Capozzi … Crandle
Coel Mahal … Nicole
Kyra Kennedy … Heather
Delton Goodrum … Dale
Chuck Roberts … Security Tom
Jennifer Meakin … Female Victim #1
Crystal Cameron … Female Victim #2
Brittany Decatur … Girl in Newspaper Article
Christopher Fonts … Newscaster

Technical details:

73 minutes


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