CHRISTMAS ZOMBIES (2020) Indescribable! Watch the trailer…

Christmas Zombies is a 2020 American comedy horror film about a disgruntled elf named “Stuffy” who gets get fired. A new zombie boss takes over and seeks revenge on the North Pole. The robot stuffed zombies he creates are not after brains but after presents.

Directed, photographed by and starring Ashley Hays Wright (The Exorcism in Amarillo; Halloween Hero; Fighting Chupacabra and Cartel in Mexico; Monster Bee in DC) from a screenplay co-written with David Owen Wright, based on a story by Scout Wright. The Wright Family Films production also stars David Owen Wright, Cadence Wright, Jaina Wright, Scout Wright and Gary D. Clark.

Cast and characters:

Ashley Hays Wright … Mrs Claus / Corporal Snowflake
David Owen Wright … Santa / Sarge
Cadence Wright … Elf #1
Jaina Wright … Elf #2
Scout Wright … Elf #3
Gary D. Clark … Captain Missile-toe

Technical details:

66 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.00: 1


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