DIE INFLUENCERS DIE (2020) ‘A metal horror gore-fest!’, apparently

‘Follow. Subscribe. Kill.’

Die Influencers Die is a 2020 American horror film about a media star that dupes online influencers into a deadly trap.

Directed by Gary Dean Orona from a screenplay co-written with Kelly Garrett-Orona and Mike Karaoke, the movie stars Frankie Rivers, Tabitha Stevens, Lizzy Borden and Katie Morgan.


Alpha male social media star Stue Harrington (Frankie Rivers) dupes a group of his peers into an overnight live-streaming event at an abandoned movie studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Deep behind the old movie sets is the lair of a savage bloodthirsty Clown Model – Moxie (Tabitha Stevens) who’s directed to kill these intruders by a sinister Otherworld-Coyote (Lizzy Borden)…



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