THE DEVIL IN THE ROOM (2020) Reviews and overview


The Devil in the Room is a 2020 American horror film about a young couple trying to prevent an evil demon from trapping their souls – in the realm between sleep and reality.

Directed by Sami Cunningham (The Haunting of the Suicide House) and producer Brendan Rudnicki (The Haunting of the Morgan Estate; Into the Forest; The Haunting of the Suicide House; The Whitlow House) from a screenplay co-written with Kellan Rudnicki, the DBS Films production stars Darlin Barry, Chris Cox, Skye Coyne, Kate Darby, Bryan Jager and Isaac Gonzalez Rossi (The Hunter’s Circle).

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“Much of the first part of The Devil in the Room is taken up with a montage of Amanda doing housework, sitting on the dock behind their house or building a fire in their huge fire pit. The only scary thing about it is what their mortgage must be […] The Devil in the Room has a couple of good jumps and some nice effects, but they’re lost in a dull and rather silly script.” Voices from the Balcony


The Devil in the Room is available to watch on Amazon Prime

Cast and characters:

Darlin Barry … Therapist
Chris Cox … Jack
Skye Coyne … Amanda
Kate Darby … Jenny
Bryan Jager … Doctor Geubuex
Isaac Gonzalez Rossi … Cameron
Kellan Rudnicki … Frank the Demon
Enedawry Santana … USP Delivery Man

Technical details:

60 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1


Ignore the obviously fake 10/10 ‘reviews’ posted on IMDb, one of which is by co-writer Kellan Rudnicki – who is also in the film playing Frank the Demon!


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