DEADLY DELIVERY aka TERROR TAKE AWAY (2018) Italian comedy horror


Deadly Delivery aka Terror Take Away is a 2018 Italian comedy horror film about the urban legend of a pizza delivery serial killer.

Written and directed by Alberto Bogo (Extreme Jukebox), the movie stars Andrea Benfante, Selene Feltrin, Fiorenza Pieri and Alessia Sala.


An urban legend about a mysterious pizza delivery serial killer is exploited by an unscrupulous billionaire businessman. He organizes an absurd Willy Wonka style contest and game at his luxurious villa for five finalists but is his true intention to draw out the legendary slasher?


Deadly Delivery was released in the USA by SRS Cinema

Cast and characters:

Andrea Benfante … Andrew Desciglio
Selene Feltrin … Final Girl
Fiorenza Pieri … Adelaide Santienna
Alessia Sala … Flores Bogo
Marco Sciaccaluga … Keeper
Roberto Serpi … Terence Parode
Fabrizio Zanello … Max the Killer

Technical details:

87 minutes
Ultra high definition 4K


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