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‘What do you fear?’

Phobias is a 2020 American horror anthology film about five patients with unique fears who are put to the ultimate test by a mad doctor. The segments comprise of “Vehophobia” (fear of driving), “Hoplophobia” (fear of weapons), “Robophobia” (fear of robots or A.I.), “Atelophobia” (fear of not doing something right), “Ephebiphobia” (fear of youth), and “Outpost 37” (fear of a mad doctor’s experiments).

Directed by:
Camilla Belle … (segment “Hoplophobia”)
Maritte Lee Go … (segment “Vehophobia”) (as Maritte Go)
Joe Sill … (segment “Robophobia”)
Jess Varley … (segments “Atelophobia”, “Outpost 37”)
Chris von Hoffmann … (segment “Ephebiphobia”)

The screenplays for the various segments were written by Camilla Belle, Broderick Engelhard, Maritte Lee Go, Joe Sill, Jess Varley, and Chris von Hoffmann.


” …Phobias is vapid. During the present-day timeline at the facility, nothing is happening. As far as the film’s narrative path goes: a couple conversations take place, the next sub-narrative appears, the process repeats […] For all these complaints though, each actor is doing their best, the directing itself isn’t that bad, and there’s even some heavy moments of horror.” Bloody Disgusting

” …the overall thread that stitches all these parts together is well done. The suspense and intrigue is enough to keep you guessing and entertained. Phobias plays like an extended episode of Black Mirror so if that is your thing I think you will be pleased but if you are coming for a spooky horror fest you will likely leave disappointed.” Bulletproof Action

” ….it is ended as more of an action film, an unforgivable decision that does away with basically everything depicted up to that point. Though Phobias has some seasoned talent behind it, it falls far short failing to really probe into its concept, which on paper is an interesting one.” Critical Movie Critics

“This film shows everything from stress to imperfections. What some people deal with every single day. Renee is trying to rebuild herself? I think this film also shows what we ignore in society.” Horror News

Phobias won’t reinvent the anthology format, but there’s so few of these made nowadays that getting one is never a bad thing. And with the neverending amount of things one can be deadly afraid of (there’s probably a phobia against phobias), there’s enough material to continue this as a series if one were so inclined…” Screen Anarchy

“Consistently unnerving; consistently weird; consistently horrifying. Some stories hit harder than others, but there’s not a dud amongst the bunch. Those hesitant to get in on yet another mixed-bag horror anthology have nothing to be scared of – Phobias is the real deal.” Starburst

Phobias’ wraparound and first two stories had me expecting something along the lines of Black Mirror. And that tone clashes somewhat with the more human-centred segments that make up the rest of the film. Once you get past that, however, Phobias is an enjoyable collection of stories. While none of the segments are masterpieces, none are less than entertaining either.” Voices from the Balcony

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Phobias premiered at the 2020 Mammoth Film Festival. Vertical Entertainment will release Phobias in the USA direct-to-VOD in the USA on February 28th 2021.

Main cast and characters:

Alexis Knapp … Lia
Charlotte McKinney … TBC
Lauren Miller Rogen … Emma
Monique Coleman … Natalie
Martina García … Alma
Hana Mae Lee … Sami
Leonardo Nam … Johnny
Benjamin Stockham … Isaac
Anthony Gonzalez … Carlos
Steve Park … Jung-Soo
Macy Gray … Renee
Ross Partridge … Doctor Wright
Joey Luthman … Grady
Micah Hauptman … Dirk
Mackenzie Brooke Smith … Blaire
Rushi Kota … Billy
Mike Ferguson … Detainee
Sisa Grey … Jones
Gerardo de Pablos … Mr Romero
Christine Weatherup … Officer McMahill
Katia Gomez … Mrs Romero
Evan Holtzman … Mark
Jason E. Kelley … Officer Markinson

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