THE DAY OF THE LIVING DEAD (2014) Comedic zombie flick


‘The bloodbath has begun!’

The Day of the Living Dead is an American comedic horror film about the disappearance of an insurance investigator; unfortunately, it seems he may have discovered the start of the zombie apocalypse!

Retitled in 2021, the film was previously been released as Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead and Lazarus: Resurrection. It received a DVD distribution by Origin/Phase 4 Films – with a director’s audio commentary – under the latter title in 2014. Mostly in black and white, it switches to colour whenever there is a zombie scene.

Written and directed by Thomas J. Churchill (Big Freaking Rat; The Amityville Harvest; Xenophobia; The Emerging Past). Edited and produced by Thomas J. Churchill and David M. Parks.

The Apothecary Entertainment-Church Hill Productions movie stars Natalie Victoria, Ray Capuana (Lazarus: Apocalypse; The Emerging Past), Kevin Eugene Franklin, Josh Hammond and Brian Andrews. Stephen Geoffreys (976-EVIL; Fright Night) has a cameo role.


In 1957, insurance investigator George Lazarus (Ray Capuana) is tasked with interviewing twelve employees of the Deadly Sin Cigarette Company when his firm Topaz Insurance receives a suspicious insurance claim. He learns that all twelve had been let go after contracting mysterious illnesses.

However, before he can report back, Lazarus goes missing without a trace. After his disappearance, his heartsick fiancée Bethany (Natalie Victoria) and his friend Chip (Kevin Eugene Franklin) set out to find him – but what they uncover may actually signal the end of the entire human race…


“Tilted angles and shadows give an air of menace, and 1950s bigotry is dealt with in an interesting way in a restaurant scene. The set design is one of the film’s strong points as it does an admirable job of recreating late 1950s Americana with the sleek old cars from the era and the soda jerk who suggests that the recent apprehension of Ed Gein in Wisconsin should inspire a book.” HNN

Cast and characters (alphabetical):

Brian Andrews … Senior
Brooke Lewis Bellas … Ms Daniels
Ashlee Buchanan … Harold’s wife
Ray Capuana … George A. Lazarus (as Raymond Capuana)
Lance Charnow … Smitty
Thomas J. Churchill … Mammon Beelzebub
James Duval … Roger Abel
John Fantasia … Howard Cain
Kevin Eugene Franklin … Chip
Sarah French … Marilyn
Sean Goodman … McMahn
Jeff Dylan Graham … Freddy
Kenneth J. Hall … Priest
Josh Hammond … Jimmy
Janet Tracy Keijser … Beatrice
Taylor-Morgan Lewis … Lucinda
Raven Lexy … Eve
Brad Loree … The Voice
Serena Lorien … Andrea
Mike Marino … Mickey
Alisha Olson … Misty
Marisa Parks … Lounge Singer
Krista Grotte Saxon … Marion
Natalie Victoria … Bethany

Filming locations:

Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

Technical details:

91 minutes
Black and white | colour
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1

Working title:

Hollywood Apocalypse


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