THE ARBORS (2020) Preview of creature feature; now with release news


The Arbors is a 2020 American science-fiction horror film about a lonely locksmith who discovers a mysterious insect-like creature. Morbidly fascinated, he captures and takes it home. However, it soon grows bigger and bigger as it consumes his life and then escapes, wreaking havoc on the neighbourhood.

Directed by Clayton Witmer from a screenplay co-written with Chelsey Cummings. Produced by Clayton Aggeles and Michael Samilow. The movie stars Drew Matthews and Ryan Davenport.


The Arbors premiered at the Austin Film Festival in October 2020.

TriCoast Entertainment has secured the worldwide rights for The Arbors and will represent the film at the European Film Market (EFM) in early March 2021. Meanwhile, Gravitas Ventures has US rights and will release the film on March 26th, threatrically and on Digital platforms.

Cast and characters (alphabetical):

Brooks Addis … Brody Capra
Kathryn Alexander … T.V. Newswoman
Morgan Carson … Paul
Sarah Cochrane … Robin
Ryan Davenport … Shane Daunes
Olivia Griffin … Reporter
Mark Hayes … Jones
Michael Helms … Mitchell
Evan Henry … Aaron
Tony Hughes … Officer Bensi
Noah Lewis … Alex
Phillip Lynch … Televangelist
Drew Matthews … Ethan Daunes
Langston McAdoo … Logan
Daryl Munroe … Connie
Jordan Nelson … Mike
Alexandra Rose … Lynn Daunes
John S. Rushton … Nick Birman
Don Scarborough … Chuck
Joe Stanlonis … Wyatt
Dré Starks … Officer

Filming locations:

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Technical details:

116 minutes