ZOMBIE REDDY (2021) Reviews and overview


‘Corona was just the beginning…’

Zombie Reddy is a 2021 Indian Telugu-language comedy-horror film based around the COVID-19 pandemic and a doomed wedding in Rayalaseema.

Written and directed by Prasanth Varma (Kalki; Awe!), with additional dialogue by Tajuddin Syed, the Apple Tree Studios production stars Teja Sajja, Anandhi, Daksha Nagarkar, Raghu Babu, Prudhvi Raj.


Video game developer Mario’s new game is on the verge of crashing due to coding issues. Accompanied by his usual posse, which includes Maggi, an avid gamer, he heads to Rudravaram village in Kurnool, Rayalaseema, to get his friend’s help in getting the coding right.

His friend is getting married and Nandini Reddy is also there to attend the wedding festivities. The motley crew soon find themselves fighting off zombies in real instead of on their mobile screen and they must find a way to save the day before the virus spreads…

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” …it does a fairly good job in simplifying the storytelling to the bare essentials. The plot itself banks on a tried-and-tested formula, but with zombies at the centre of the story, you can’t help but grin at the fun twist to the factionalism-based movies. The sight of hundreds of zombies chasing humans somewhere in Andhra Pradesh doesn’t seem too far-fetched on screen.” Firstpost

“The humor scenes have come out well but at times, they did not attract the desired response. The twists and turns have impressed us. The climax lacks logic but somehow fits the storyline. All in all, Zombie Reddy makes a decent attempt to entertain the audiences and the director is successful in doing the same.” The Hans India

” …director Prasanth Varma juxtaposes different worlds — a pandemic looming large, zombies, Rayalaseema faction rivalry — to hilarious effect. Zombie Reddy is a satirical potpourri replete with pop culture references at every turn. It builds up rather slowly but rises to a crescendo of madness, offering laughter and scope for a franchise.” The Hindu

Release date:

Zombie Reddy was released in India on 5th February 2021.

Technical details:

125 minutes

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