THE NEST (2021) preview of parasitic creature horror


The Nest is a 2021 American horror film about a mother who becomes suspicious that her daughter may be infected by a parasitic creature. She is thrust into a nightmare as the people she trusts most push her into a chasm of drug addiction, self-destruction, and devastating sacrifice.

Directed by James Suttles (The Evil Inside Her) from a screenplay written by Jennifer Trudrung. Produced by Tamara Hopkins, James Suttles and Matthew R. Zboyovski. The movie stars Dee Wallace (Await the Dawn; Red ChristmasCujoThe Howling), Sarah Navratil (Proximity), Kevin Patrick Murphy and Drez Ryan.

Release date:

The Nest will be released in the UK and USA on July 6th 2021.

Cast and characters:

Dee Wallace … Marissa
Sarah Navratil … Beth
Kevin Patrick Murphy … Jack
Drez Ryan … Ashe
Blaque Fowler … Nick
Anna Lynn Holleman … Mrs. Jean
Penny Munroe … Billie
Maple Suttles … Meg
Piper Suttles … Child at the Window

Original title:

The Bewailing


Not to be confused with the killer cockroach film The Nest (1988).