LIKE DOGS (2021) Preview of human experiment horror with first trailer


‘Sit. Stay. Survive.’

Like Dogs is a 2021 American horror film about a university student who manipulates a behavioural experiment that treats humans like animals. The consequences are deadly!

Written and directed by Randy Van Dyke (Non-Stop to Comic-Con; Pink Lemonade), the Epic Level Entertainment-Temporary Insanity Productions-Fabletown Entertainment production stars Annabel Barrett (Ravenwolf Towers series), Ignacyo Matynia (The Institute), Ryan Tran, Shay Denison, Katy Dore, Nicole Bleacher, Clay Coleman-Davis, Alan Maxson, Chris Calabrese, Dustin Miller.  Produced by Amos Burns and Kelly Faltis.

Release date:

Like Dogs has been acquired for distribution by genre specialists Black Mandala (The 100 Candles Game; Forgiveness; Live or Let Die; Sleepless Beauty). A release date will be announced soon.


As far as we are aware, there are no reviews of Like Dogs available currently; please bookmark this website and return again soon for a range of independent aggregated reviews.

Cast and characters:

Annabel Barrett … Lisa
Ignacyo Matynia … Adam
Ryan Tran … George / Kennel Master
Shay Denison … Erika
Katy Dore … Doctor Fischer
Nicole Bleacher … Sara
Clay Coleman-Davis … Mark
Alan Maxson … Hallucination Kennel Master
Chris Calabrese … Joel
Dustin Miller … Preston
Juan Manuel Cabral … Ex-Boyfriend
Justin Armao … Hazmat 2
Xavi Casanova … Ex-Boyfriend
Dave Vera … Ex-Boyfriend
Jeremiah McKibbins … Ex-Boyfriend

Filming locations:

Riverside, California