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‘Four girls. One spirit. No escape.’

Definition of Fear is a 2015 British horror film about four attractive young women who spend the weekend at a remote holiday cabin. However, all is not how it seems. The women quickly discover that maybe they are not alone…

Written and directed by James Simpson, the movie stars Katherine Barrell, Jacqueline Fernandez, Sean Tucker, Mercedes Papalia, Matthew Stefiuk, Blythe Hubbard and Stacey Martin.


Four beautiful girlfriends spend the weekend at a holiday cabin, by a frozen lake, under the pretence of a ‘girlie weekend away’ organised by Sarah Fording (Jacqueline Fernandez). Sarah has a hidden agenda to secretly film her three friends as part of her PhD thesis in the psychology of fear. She has set up the weekend to carry out her experiment and film the effect, using hidden cameras, of really scaring her friends.

The friends find an Ouija board, which has been planted by Sarah, and when they start to play the board game, strange paranormal experiences start to happen. They discover that maybe they are not alone, and what was supposed to be a girl’s weekend away, turns out to be a weekend from hell…


” …at least it was nice seeing one of these generic things have a group of characters that least felt like friends. Such a small thing can make the most bleh movie at least watchable, without a seething hatred or complete disconnect from the film. The rest of this is pretty par for the course for VOD horror.” Dustin Baker

“The fab four all hold up their end, but none of their characters seems like logical candidates to be the “final girl,” if you know the rules—not that anyone will object. Still, they mostly keep it clean, despite a game of Truth or Dare. It is a far cry from this year’s It Follows, but if you dig old dark house movies, it is certainly entertaining. Recommended for horror and Bollywood fans…” J.B. Spins

” …as vapid a film as its four protagonists and the cast that delivers as much of flat performances as Simpson delivers an equally flat directing job, as it is a slow and terminally boring film that features no gore, no nudity, and no brains nor creativity behind both the writing and filmmaking department…” Steven Millan

Cast and characters:

Katherine Barrell … Victoria Burns
Jacqueline Fernandez … Sarah Fording
Sean Tucker … Oddle
Mercedes Papalia … Frankie Toms
Matthew Stefiuk … Julian Knight
Blythe Hubbard … Rachel Moore
Stacey Martin … Dance Teacher
Michael Mancini … Professor Christopher French
Ryan Maisey … Nightclubber (uncredited)
Mardy Men … Student (uncredited)
Gavin Ridgeway … Nightclubber (uncredited)

Filming locations:

Gatineau, Québec, Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Technical details:

97 minutes


Full film free to watch online [may vary in different regions]:

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