CHILDREN OF CAMP BLOOD (2020) Review of slasher sequel


‘There is only one Camp Blood!’

Children of Camp Blood is a 2020 American slasher horror film about disturbed teenagers at a remote retreat trying to deal with their fears.

Written, photographed, directed and edited by Mark Polonia (Virus Shark; Return to Splatter Farm; Frozen Sasquatch; Sharkenstein; Jurassic Prey; Feeders; et al). Produced by David S. Sterling.

The Sterling EntertainmentPolonia Brothers Entertainment production stars Samantha Coolidge, Ryan Dalton, James Kelly (Return to Splatter Farm), Christopher Beacom, Nathan Maldona, Tim Hatch, Yolie Canales, Jeff Kirkendall, Kathryn Sue Young, Jamie Morgan, Steve Diasparra, Jennie Russo, Kyle Rappaport, Elissa Dowling, Mariah Joyce, James Carolus and Titus Himmelberger.


A group of emotionally disturbed teenagers attend a remote retreat to work through their fears of the infamous “Camp Blood Killer”. But could this local legend be all too real? And if so who will survive?

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Camp Blood 8: Revelations was an improvement over the past few entries in the franchise, not that that was saying much. I was hoping Children of Camp Blood would continue the trend. Instead, we get a film that’s mostly a highlight reel recap of the franchise’s better kills with a bit of new footage to hold it together […] A major step backwards on all fronts, Children of Camp Blood is best avoided.” Voices from the Balcony

Technical details:

69 minutes


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