SHRIEKSHOW (2022) Reviews of horror anthology flick; now with 2nd trailer

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‘Welcome to the scariest show on Earth!’
ShriekShow is a 2021 American horror anthology film about a circus ringmaster who tells three terrifying tales on Halloween night.

Directed by Brad Twigg (Deathboard; Harvest of Horrors; WrestleMassacre; Killer Campout; Frames of Fear) from a screenplay written by Todd Martin, Chris O’Brocki and Douglas Snauffer, the movie stars Felissa Rose, Tuesday Knight, Beverly Randolph and Chris O’Brocki.

On Halloween night, four friends visit an abandoned circus to party. They encounter a ringmaster setting up a sideshow exhibit who proceeds to tell them three terrifying tales…

Twigg does a great job with his shot selection, never keeping the frame in one place for too long, and speckling the film with some great overhead shots […] Shriekshow is stained with high quality kills that are studio quality. The effects team also gives birth to some absolutely terrific terror characters.” Horror Nation

“Overall, Shriekshow is an enjoyable way to spend 105 minutes. As mentioned, I would have liked it better if it was shorter than that, but it works well enough at 105. Although the movie was obviously made on a very low budget, there were times when I was quite impressed by the cinematography; there are some cool camera moves and nice lighting choices.” Life Between Frames

“The directing by Brad Twigg is so good in Shriekshow. The sound is amazing, the pace of the film is never slow or dull. Although the movie is almost two hours long, it never feels like a chore watching it. It is entertaining from start to finish […] Shriekshow, in my opinion, is his best movie, without question.” Pop Horror

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Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

Cast and characters:
Felissa Rose … Gloria
Tuesday Knight … Doctor Harris
Beverly Randolph … Alex’s Mother
Chris O’Brocki … Ringmaster
Jimmy Flame … Sam
Justin P. Warren
Harvey Roberts … Cameron’s Father
George Stover … Officer Prescott
Rosanna Nelson … Kellianne
Julio Bana Fernandez … Cameron
Andy Vineberg … Howie
DéRome A. Chrétien … Kobold
Tara Zapata … Cameron’s Mother
Rick Jermain … Edgar
Matt Burns … Clank
Brucellious Morris Jr. … Riley
Jason Delgado … Chris
Yasmin Qudah … Sage
Colleen Tidd … Buttons
Justin P. Martin … Kyle
Rosaria Elsa … Alex
Hudson Barry … Young Cameron
Maxx Morrison … Mr Diamond
Sam Bredland … Skeleton
Bethany Shana … Cuddles
Frederick Cowie … Jon
Shane Lowry … Nick
Jessica Rose … Pyro
Ashley Asphyxiation … Cheeky
Alex Bredland … Princess
Maggie Hill … Clover
Nicholas Yoder II … Fidget
Matthew L. Furman … Randy
Matthew Britner … Chuckles the Clown

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