TOWER OF BLOOD (2005) Reviews and overview


’30 floors. 500 tenants. 0 survivors.’

Tower of Blood is a 2005 American horror film about three couples and a self-proclaimed loser who party in an abandoned high rise. Unfortunately, an escaped mental patient begins brutally killing them one by one.

Directed by Corbin Timbrook (Why?; Do You See Me; P*rn Shoot Massacre; The Belly of the BeastStudio 666) from a screenplay written by Jeremiah Campbell. Produced by Brandy W. Johnston, David S. Sterling and Corbin Timbrook. The movie stars JT Thomas, Chris Todd, Desire’ Varona, Kerry Feirman and Barbara Scolaro.


ToB has just enough interesting camerawork and hilariously childish dialogue, as well as enough pathetic, drawn-out, non-payoff plot points and tension-building scenes that drag on longer than fossil fuels will, to keep this reviewer consistently enlivened.” B is for Brains

“It feels like the makers of this flick read Slasher Movies for Dummies and took every cliche they could find, from the mute, masked, jumpsuit-clad killer to the horny “teenagers” (played by 30-year-olds) looking to party in an old, spooky building to the old “we shouldn’t mess with that stuff” Ouiji Board ritual to oblivious lines like, “What do you mean ‘They’re dead’?” Poor acting, dank lighting and a script full of padded scenes…” Black Horror Movies

“If you’ve ever seen a slasher movie before, you’ve already seen this movie […] If someone leaves the roof for any reason, kiss them goodbye. The gore effects are at Monty Python level. Large hoses of blood spray the room if someone gets cut. There are also two scenes of naked breasts. Blood. Breasts. It’s all here.” Dr Gore’s Movie Reviews

Cast and characters:

JT Alexander … Jack aka JT Thomas
Barbara Scolaro … Nurse Dallas
Chris Todd … Kirk Seaver
Desiré Varona … Maggie Sullivan
Kerry Feirman … Randi (as Kerry Lynne Feirman)
Daniel Arturo Garcia … Javi (as Daniel Arturo)
Robert Ambrose … Janitor
Dapoe … The Killer
Asad Farr … Doctor (as Doctor Asad Farr)
Miranda Lindley … Jack’s Sister
Missy Lisenby … Dead Girl
Bernadette Perez … Claudia
Gerard Sanders … Kirk’s Father
Thomas Daniel Smith … Sean
Bashashi Thompson … Bag Lady
Madeleine Wade … Beer Buying Lady (as Madeleine Lindley)


Some image credits: Black Horror Movies

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