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The Witch’s Sabbath is a 2005 American horror film in which a group of witches lure people into their basement to sacrifice them to their god.

Directed by Jeff Leroy (Dracula in a Women’s Prison; Frankenstein in a Women’s Prison; Predator World; Rat Scratch Fever; Creepies and sequel) from a screenplay written by Jeremiah Campbell (Vampire Boys and sequel; Sawblade; Deadly Little Christmas; Reptisaurus), based on a story by David S. Sterling [as Dave Sterling) and Brandy W. Johnson. Produced by David S. Sterling [as Dave Sterling).

The movie stars Syn DeVil, Christine Cowden, Eli James, Rikki Barry, Erik J. Coffin, Gina Valona, April Betts, Jed Rowen, Mitch Toles and Randal Malone. Ron Jeremy and Lisa Sparx have cameo roles.

The soundtrack score was composed by Jason Peri (Lizzie Borden’s Revenge; Alice in Murderland; Don’t Look in the Cellar; Evil Unleashed; Aquanoids; The Hazing).


” …the worst creature I have ever bared witness to. All the while it is the only redeeming thing as it’s B-Film classy nature screams for attention. As for the rest of the movie. The cast is seen reading from a prompter or a cue cards. Toss in the sets that are sheets, plywood and plastic.” The B-Flick Chick

Witch’s Sabbath is a joke of a horror movie. There’s nothing remotely scary about it. But as a sleazy B-flick it’s pretty good. It’s worth a look if you’re in the mood for some cheap fun with the B-movie witches.” Dr Gore’s Movie Reviews

“This is ultra trashy with a nonsensical plot, a painfully awful script and chronically bad acting. What you do get is loads of naked big breasts and cheap blood splatter gore. Ron Jeremy provides some comic relief as a hapless Bible salesman who knocks on the wrong door.” Eat Horror

“Trash cinema at its best. The only area where it could have improved would be to have some completely naked women. Other than that, this is complete garbage!” Last Movie Review on the Left

“Nudity, breasts, gore, heavy metal and Ron Jeremy should add up to at least a fun B-movie but instead we have lots of fake breasts, dull and scarce splatter, and annoying, dumb acting.” The Worldwide Celluloid Massacre


The Witch’s Sabbath was released on DVD in the USA by Maverick on December 6, 2005.

It is also available on Amazon Prime.

Cast and characters:

Christine Cowden … Eliza
Eli James … Seth
Eric Coffin … Damian (as Erik J. Coffin)
Rikki Dale … Amber (as Rikki Barry)
Syn DeVil … Auriana
Gina Valona … Rachon
Lisa Sparx … Meiko
April Betts … Keaira
Randal Malone … Guiles the Butler
Ron Jeremy … Craven Moorehead
Gregor Collins … Derrek
Lawrence Long … Travis
Annmarie Lynn Gracey … Roxy
Jed Rowen … Dave
Madelynn Spaseff … Young Eliza

Technical details:

84 minutes


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