WHY? (2020) Slasher horror with an escaped maniac


‘Expect a killer weekend’

Why? is a 2020 American slasher horror film about a female writer that goes to a cabin for isolation and is stalked by an escaped maniac.

Written and directed by Corbin Timbrook (Do You See Me; The Belly of the Beast; Studio 666; Tower of Blood), the Gama Entertainment Partners-Nova Productions movie stars Lance Henriksen, Natasha Henstridge (The Black Room; Ghosts of Mars; Species and sequels), Emma Bell, Chris Browning and Allison McAtee. Produced by Larry A. McLean, Corbin Timbrook and Galen Walker.


Writer Blake Sinclair (Allison McAtee) goes away for the weekend to the small town of Northdale to stay in a cabin and finish writing her book, with plans to meet her husband days later.

Unaware that a madman has escaped a mental hospital. He returns to his home, coincidently, the same cabin where Blake is staying in Northdale. The killer toys with Blake and must be stopped but will her husband make it in time to save her?


Why? is being distributed by High Octane Pictures with a release date to be announced.

Cast and characters:

Lance Henriksen … Sheriff Logan
Natasha Henstridge … Nina
Emma Bell … Dana
Chris Browning … Jack
Allison McAtee … Blake Sinclair
Mercedes López Renard … Laci Means (as Mercedes Renard)
Leslie Stratton … Amber
Lisa London … Dina
Tabitha Grayston … Faith
Shelby Janes … Deputy Talley
Parker Harris … Todd
Laura Walker … Tanya
Galen Walker … Mr Means
Bryan Rasmussen … Sam
Sonja Inge … Heather
Pauline Schantzer … Karlie
Jessica Lee Torres … Penny
Melinda Haugh … Mrs Malchance
Louis Steren … Mr Malchance