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Every Breath You Take is a 2021 American psychological thriller film about a psychiatrist who is jeopardised when a patient takes her own life. When he invites his patient’s surviving brother into his home to meet his wife and daughter, his family life is suddenly torn apart.

Directed by Vaughn Stein (Tiburon; Inheritance; Terminal) from a screenplay co-written by Gabrielle Jerou, Richard Barton Lewis and David Murray, the movie stars Casey Affleck, Sam Claflin, Michelle Monaghan, Veronica Ferres and India Eisley.


“The film has strong characters and even stronger performances but it fails narratively. The set-up, writing, and direction are not above par. It is a shortcoming, a weak script, and a weaker direction. Though the film delivers a great message and strong emotions through its characters, the story makes little impact.” Digital Mafia Talkies

“To use a realtor analogy (since Michelle Monaghan’s character is a realtor, but we only know this because it’s important for Sam Claflin’s character). This movie has a nice curb appeal, but a messed up floor plan that even the nice interior designer can’t help much. In other words, the cast is good and so are the visuals.” Heaven of Horror

“The movie makes vague nods to the corrosive effects of bereavement left untended, but this is basically glossy pulp, mildly classed up by decent actors. The always compelling Monaghan, in particular, comes close at times to creating an affecting character, though Affleck is not going to be many people’s idea of a specialized medical academic….” The Hollywood Reporter

“It’s so rare to see stars of the calibre of Affleck and Claflin working in the thriller genre, which has now been largely relegated to the Lifetime Network, that the movie keeps you amused to a degree simply because it’s a reminder of a time when Hollywood made genre movies for adults. But nostalgia only gets you so far, and as the predictable plot unspools you’ll likely be reminded that with a few exceptions, those ’90s thrillers simply weren’t very good.” The Movie Waffler

“Along with cinematographer Michael Merriman and production designer Jeremy Stanbridge, Vaughn Stein has made sure that Every Breath You Take looks fantastic, delivering an A-list looking thriller on a very modest budget. Movies like this are few and far between these days. Brilliant escapist entertainment, Every Breath You Take is a slick thriller with a standout cast.” Movies in Focus

“Screenwriter David Murray plays all the greatest hits of yesteryear and occasionally Every Breath You Take creates a moment of suspense (you’d never expect a scene where Philip and James move around a sofa would prove the most uneasy moment, but here we are) though the eventual payoff gets buried underneath monotonous stakes and, save for Claflin, wooden performances.” The Only Critic

” …the movie tries to class up its plot turns with family “drama” that doesn’t come close to camouflaging the essential joyless trashiness afoot here. What’s worse is that the film initially pretends to have some sensitivity about mental illness, but blatantly trivializes it and uses it as a crutch upon which to hang the villain’s increasingly maniacal actions.” RogerEbert.com

“Ciaflin walks away with Every Breath You Take by default, leaning into, and even parodying, James’s smug, contemptuous idea of sincerity, though his promising performance is undercut by the film’s inability to escalate or explore the ramifications of its premise. The sexual, violent impulses undergirding the narrative rarely explode, offering no great physical or emotional catharsis.” Slant

Release date:

Deadline has reported that Vertical Entertainment will release Every Breath You Take theatrically in North American and on Premium On-Demand on April 2nd, 2021.

“With its genuinely gripping plot that unfolds masterfully as each twist is revealed, the team at Vertical Entertainment knew that Every Breath You Take was something special,” said Vertical’s Peter Jarowey. “Featuring masterclass performances from the likes of Casey Affleck, Michelle Monaghan and Sam Claflin at its centre, the film is a pinnacle psychological thriller, and we are thrilled to offer it to Americans who still crave the elevated cinematic experience from home.”

Cast and characters:

Casey Affleck
Michelle Monaghan
Sam Claflin
Veronica Ferres … Vanessa
India Eisley … Lucy
Emily Alyn Lind … Daphne
Hiro Kanagawa … Doctor Toth
Craig Haas … Fourth Patient
Lilly Krug … Lilly
Christopher Logan … Patient
Police Captain
Kheon Clarke … Orderly
Jeff Sanca … Dump truck driver
Nicki Steudel … Second Patient

Original title:

You Belong to Me


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