‘Ghost of the Wild West’

The Haunting at Death Valley Junction is a 2014 American horror film about a ghost from the Wild West haunting two paranormal investigators. Originally known as Do Not Disturb, the film has been retitled and seemingly re-edited for a 2021 re-release.

Written and directed by James S. Horton, with additional material by Adam Crown, the Oblivion Entertainment production stars Ernell Manabat, Victoria Viveiros, Gunter Nezhoda and Stu Chaiken.


“There are a few impressive moments, visually speaking, and there’s a damn fine shower scare in the earlier portions of the film, but ultimately Do Not Disturb falls into a slow, telegraphed crawl that unfortunately takes the viewer right out of the film. There’s promise in the cast, and Horton gives us a few interesting camera shots, but the content doesn’t fly…” Addicted to Horror Movies

Cast and characters:

Ernell Manabat … Flynn
Victoria Viveiros … Cassandra
Gunter Nezhoda … Max
Stu Chaiken … Koco
E’va Stepniewska … Lena
Gail Clampit … Driver
Ashleigh Nicole Johnson … Sylvia
Larry Sontag … Security Guard
Steve Delgado … Enrique
Marilyn Weinmann … Grace Landon
Joelle Righetti … Female Ghost
Tristan Coal … Zane
Michael O’Neal … The Boss
Sally Burnswello … Lady
Barrie James Berry Jr. … Henchman

Technical details:

92 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1

Original title:

Do Not Disturb


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