BLOOD SPIRIT (2020) Review and overview

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Blood Spirit is a 2020 British horror film about a young man and his friends who find an embalmed dead body in a suburban house.

Produced and directed by Anthony Allin from a screenplay co-written with Alfie Allin, the Magic Mirror Films production stars Smari Gunn, Ayvianna Snow, Tom Scurr and Carmen Silva.


Solomon, a physics graduate arrives at a recently vacated house with three friends to set up a party. Even though they find a dead body that has been embalmed for decades Solomon refuses to accept there is anything supernatural in the house. He needs to believe if he wants to save the girl he loves from the ravenous blood spirit he has unknowingly set free…

Blood Spirit is a pretty daft hour and fifteen minutes, where an awful lot of sitting about and chatting eventually leads to a narrative turning point that descends through layers of silliness involving mirrors, beyond the veil rituals and some very gothy makeup […] The cast do their best with a script that meanders all over the place and then piles on the mystery without concern that the plot’s actually bobbins.” Dark Eyes of London

Cast and characters:
Smari Gunn … Solomon
Ayvianna Snow … Cassie
Tom Scurr … Josh
Carmen Silva … Rowena
Liza Mercer … Great Aunt

Technical details:
77 minutes

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