BLOOD CONSCIOUS (2021) Reviews of family fending off demonic shooter


‘Everyone has their demons’

Blood Conscious is a 2021 American horror-thriller about a vacationing family that turns the tables on a mass shooter. The latter claims to be fighting demonic forces.

Written and directed by Timothy Covell – making his feature film debut – the Old Bear Film production stars Oghenero Gbaje, DeShawn White, Lenny Thomas and Nick Damici. Produced by Christina Behnke and Timothy Covell. Ben Cove.


Kevin, his older sister, Brittney, and her fiancé, Tony, set off to their parents’ lakeside cottage expecting a leisurely weekend getaway but little did they expect the horror that awaits them. Their holiday turns into a trip from hell as they enter a scene of mass murder, where their parents and neighbours on this side of the lake all lie dead.

Terror strikes when the armed murderer confronts them, alleging to be fighting demonic forces that had possessed them all. They pin him down and lock him up in the cellar but soon he claims not to be alone down there. As unexpected and traumatic events keep unfolding they will have to find a way to survive the night without turning on each other, or becoming possessed…


Blood Conscious will have its world premiere at Kosmoroma Trondheim International Film Festival 2021. The online festival takes place from March 8th to 28th. The festival blurb says:

“Creepy, well-played, smart and original – Blood Conscious is a breath of fresh air in the well-known genre of cabin horror that takes paths you might not expect. A little gem that comes in the wake of films such as Get Out (2017) and Us (2019)… Blood Conscious is an impressive, mature feature film debut from director Timothy Covell, who right from the get-go throws us a curveball with this gripping horror-thriller.”


“The thrills rely heavily on dialogue versus action, and it ends on a shocking yet abrupt note that raises a few more questions. The answers it does provide may also bring disappointment for some, depending on expectations. Blood Conscious is a quick, small-scaled thrilled that offers some humor to balance the darkness.” Bloody Disgusting

“Covell’s screenplay is well written with realistic and thoughtful dialogue and engaging main characters, though the amount of mystery at play in the climax may prove frustrating to some viewers. He directs wonderfully, with a fine sense of suspense and pacing, and an obvious knowledge of and love for horror films.” Horror Fuel

“The concept and approach kept me constantly guessing, and while I wasn’t always dazzled by where it took me, the fact that it felt fresh and unexplored was enough for me to give props where they’re due. While it may air more on the side of a thriller than a hardened gorehound might care for, Blood still proves a nasty and socially conscious piece of work.” Killer Horror Critic

“The tension is masterfully built. In the opening scene, we get to know just enough about the characters and their relationships to empathize with them. The forest is so disorienting that the threat can come from anywhere. But it is not entirely clear which threat exactly, because we only know the same thing as the characters. And that is exactly the strength of the film.” Modern Myths [translated from Dutch]

Technical details:

Aspect ratio: 1.33: 1


There is currently no trailer available for Blood Conscious.