SCREAM BLOODY MURDER (2021) Preview of slasher horror


Scream Bloody Murder is a 2021 American slasher horror film in which sorority sisters are stalked by an unknown killer on Halloween night. It is inspired by ’90s movies of the same ilk.

Directed by – making his feature directorial debut – and starring Shawn C. Phillips (actor in Dead Ant; Ghost Shark; Assault of the Sasquatch and many, many other movies) alongside producer Julie Anne Prescott (Big Freaking Rat; The Amityville Harvest; Axegrinder 2; et al) from a screenplay written by Will Collazo Jr. (director of  Bloody Nun and its sequel; Theater of Horror).

The movie will also star Vernon Wells, James Duval, Robert LaSardo and Lauren Francesca.

Update [26/04/21]: It has now been announced that Scout Taylor-Compton (Penance Lane; Star Light; Halloween) has also now joined the cast.


Currently, in pre-production, filming will begin in May 2021 in Los Angeles.

Main cast with confirmed characters:

Vernon Wells
James Duval
Robert LaSardo
Lauren Francesca
Brinke Stevens … Mrs Patterson
Shawn C. Phillips … Mr Dexter
Julie Anne Prescott … Jill Korek
Caleb Thomas
Mike Ferguson … Herman the Janitor
Eileen Dietz
Kyle Rappaport … Spike
Lisa Hinds … Mrs Parker
Mindy Dougherty
William ‘Bill’ Connor … Officer
Krista Grotte Saxon … Ms Hitchcock
Brooklyn Benson
Shawn Alexander Thompson
Robert Bess … Victim
Maritza Brikisak … Ms Jackson
G. Larry Butler … Professor Price
Jackson Everest … Dean Sanders
Michelle Hill … Mrs Tanya
Thomas Rivas
D.J. Patton … Chad
Meg Dick … Megan
Carl Solomon … Teddy, Campus Security

Fun facts:

An IndieGoGo campaign raised $67,199 for a stretch goal of $60,000.

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