AT NIGHT COMES WOLVES (2021) Review of doomsday cult thriller

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‘Fear not… change is coming’ 

At Night Comes Wolves is a 2021 American thriller film about a woman that leaves her objectifying husband and joins ex-cult members.

Written and directed by Tj Marine, the movie stars Gabi Alves, Colleen Elizabeth Miller, Madeleine Heil, Vladimir Noel and Myles Forster.

After Leah Shaffer finally leaves her emotionally manipulative husband, she finds a friend in a drifter with whom she quickly feels a deep connection. The drifter introduces Leah to a prodigal chemist, and Leah learns her new friends are all that is left of a doomsday cult that disbanded years earlier.

Together, the new trio is about to change the world, but before they can reveal their secrets, they have to tie up loose ends with Leah’s husband – and their ex-leader…

“Simply put, Marine’s latest is an attempt to package modern commentary in the form of a cinematic experience. Unfortunately, the foundation upon which it all rests is so poorly sketched out that it leaves viewers to guess at what message the writer-director hoped to relay.” Cryptic Rock

“It does not take responsibility for its heroine, not only by depicting men objectifying women, but also by objectifying the heroine through the narrative itself. At Night Comes Wolves, despite its potential, should be put in the drawer labelled forgotten B-class cinema.” Eye for Film

“The fundamental failing of At Time Comes Wolves is its lack of focus as it juggles way more exposition than is necessary. When the emotional weight of its protagonist is all but cut loose and we get lost in the weeds of its own excessive backstory and setup, viewers may feel as though they are left hurtling toward an ending with plenty of facets but none of the drama.” Film Pulse

“The film isn’t gory but the ending does have some of the red stuff. Overall, At Night Comes Wolves is an anti-misogynist thriller that struggles with the story. I can truly appreciate the message they are trying to convey but they lost the story along the way. It has some moments so it’s worth at least one watch but don’t expect an amazing film.” Horror Society

Release date:
Gravitas Ventures will release At Night Comes Wolves in the USA on Digital and On-Demand on April 20, 2021.

Cast and characters:
Gabi Alves … Leah Shaffer
Colleen Elizabeth Miller … Susanne
Madeleine Heil … Paris Michaels
Vladimir Noel … Davey Stone
Myles Forster … Vincent Michaels
Joe Bongiovanni … Randy (as Joseph Bongiovanni)
Sarah Serio … Mary May
Byron Reo … Taylor Smith
Jacob Allen Weldy … Daniel Shaffer / Walter Wilbur


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