ARACHNADO 2: FLAMING SPIDERS (2021) Preview with trailer


‘Its burn is worse than its bite!’

Arachnado 2: Flaming Spiders is a 2021 American science-fiction horror film involving a firenado, baby Ebola Rex dinosaurs and 5G zombies.

The film is a hybrid sequel to Arachnado (obviously), Ebola Rex and 5G Zombies.

Written and directed by prolific Dustin Ferguson (Rattlers 2; Ebola Rex; Arachnado; Amityville Clownhouse; Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival) the SCS Entertainment production stars Dawna Lee Heising, Brinke Stevens, Mel Novak, John R. Walker and Jennifer Nangle.

After the failed government attempt to create a new weapon of mass destruction known as an ‘Arachnado’ or Project A-82, Sergeant Preston teams up with two female accomplices to overthrow the corrupt Governor before the entire city of Los Angeles is destroyed by their newest experiment: a firenado with flaming spiders!

If that weren’t enough, there’s also a horde of newly hatched Baby Ebola Rex dinosaurs terrorizing the outskirts of town making their way towards a final fiery showdown with the flaming spiders! Plus there is the leftover 5G Zombie problem…

Cast and characters:

Dawna Lee Heising … Alexandra
Brinke Stevens … Seargent Preston
Mel Novak … Lieutenant Gallagher
John R. Walker … Peter Sommers
Jennifer Nangle … Erica
Mercedes Peterson … Jetta
Thom Michael Mulligan … Janitor
Eric Larsen … Doctor Rollin
Clint Beaver … 5G zombie
Ricky Egan … Victor McReed (as Victor Viral)
Kristian Vega Tirado … Spider Victim
Wayne Mardi … 5G Zombie #3


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