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‘Have you backed up your brain?’

Cerebrum is a 2021 American science-fiction film about a young man that signs up as a guinea pig for brain experiments.

Written and directed by Arvi Ragu from a screenplay co-written with Gary D. Houk, the Udhills Productions-Black Velvet Films movie stars James Russo, Alexxis Lemire, Christian James and Andy Pisharody.


To make ends meet, Tom (Christian James) signs on as a guinea pig at a home-based lab, but when he commits a crime he cannot remember, he must risk his own sanity to reveal the truth…


Writer-director Arvi Ragu said: “The seed for Cerebrum came from our current social behaviour where all our photos, videos, shopping choices, political affiliations, financial data, and all other aspects of our daily life have been digitized.

Cerebrum extends the concept to explore what will happen if our memories can be digitized as backups and used to restore it if it ever failed. Besides the sci-fi aspect, I wanted to explore the broken relationship between a father and son, and how they find a common cause to come together to understand and love each other.”


“Unfortunately, besides its lofty ambitions, Cerebrum becomes something of a head-scratcher as it tries to do too much at once […] The premise of Cerebrum may be interesting, and the way in which it’s executed may certainly make the audience think. However, they may be thinking why the movie could not have been done more simply.” BRWC

Cerebrum is an interesting idea to base a film on, but the number of twists and its lengthy runtime takes away from its brilliant concept. It is worth a watch if sci-fi thrillers are your thing. Just be sure to pay close attention to all of the details, and don’t forget to back up your brain!” Film Threat

The filmmakers were far more invested in the human drama side of this story over the thriller one, while the third act successfully combines the two. The in-universe science is consistent, the emotional payoffs are solid, and the finale is satisfying.” The Illuminerdi

” …a movie with the best of intentions that overstays its welcome. With a considerable amount of trimming, a script polish, and a punched-up final act, Cerebrum could’ve been a genuinely great sci-fi film. As it stands, it’s a mind-bending slog with brilliant ideas that never take flight.” Josh @ the Movies

“Long review short, Cerebrum isn’t much fun to sit through and isn’t smart enough to compensate for that. It’s sci-fi on a budget, but it’s not the budget that kills it. It’s the script.” Movie Nation

Cerebrum is a sci-fi movie that will look at transferring memories in an attempt to battles Alzheimer’s where we will get the tech talk, but we don’t get involved in the grander scheme of what is going on, as more of the film focuses on the criminal side to what is going on.” Movie Reviews 101

“Arvi Ragu’s Cerebrum is a lengthy sci-fi thriller that doesn’t amount to much. Had the writer/director streamlined the runtime to focus more on character development and creating an internal logic for the film’s speculative technology, it may have been more successful. As it stands, Cerebrum is a less than compelling watch.” Rue Morgue

“At ninety minutes Cerebrum could have been a diverting piece of pseudoscience fiction. But at two hours it’s overlong and talky. The science-fiction is so lacking in science it might as well be magic. And the thriller element is lacking in thrills. The film’s performances and occasional bright spots end up buried in a sea of blandness.” Voices from the Balcony

Release date:

Cerebrum will screen at the 54th annual WorldFest in Houston towards the end of April 2021. The film will be released by Glasshouse Distribution in May 2021.

Cast and characters:

James Russo … Kirk Davis
Alexxis Lemire … Chloe McPherson
Christian James … Tom Davis
Anirudh Pisharody … Bhuvanesh Kumar (as Andy Pisharody)
John Ruby … Reinhard Kindler
Aly Trasher … Kathy Davis
Christopher Carrington … Monty Anderson
Jesse Willhite … Tom Davis
Hanif Karim … Al Thani

Filming locations:

Victorville, California


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