THE LAST FRANKENSTEIN (2021) Preview with trailer


‘Nothing lasts forever.’

The Last Frankenstein is a 2021 American horror film about Jason Frankenstein’s mission to carry on his family’s gruesome scientific work.

Written and directed by David Weaver – making his feature film debut – the Gila Films production stars Robert Dix, Jim Boelsen, William Barnet, Keelie Sheridan, Michael Wetherbee, Jeff Raiano, Roderick Klimek and Jana Szabela.


Buried in a dormant life and a dead-end relationship, Doctor Jason Frankenstein (William Barnet), the last of his family, finds himself frustratingly approaching the middle of his life with little progress to show towards carrying forward his family’s experiment.

However, after a creature from his past brutally re-enters his life, he is catalyzed to finally complete his work. With the help of a pair of drug dealing paramedics and a nurse with a shady past, he sets down the blood-soaked path to creating a living being from the bodies of the dead!

Cast and characters:

William Barnet … Jason Frankenstein
Robert Dix … Roger Frankenstein
Jorge Luna … Patrolman Rivero
Greta Volkova … Candace
Michael Wetherbee … John Ashley / The Creature
Jim Boelsen … Phil Thurman
Olga N. Bogdanova … Shauna
Jared Balog … Injured Miner
David Weaver … Miner
Dan Wilder … J. Warren
Ulisses Gonsalves … Kevin Winsted
Jana Szabela … Penny
Amy Freinberg-Trufas … Regina Carrol
Brendan Boyce … Doctor Sam Crawford
John Mac Schnurr … Gary Clarke
Gina Petronella … Dana

Filming locations:

Amsterdam, New York
Austerlitz, New York (Roger Frankenstein’s House)
Johnstown, New York (Clarke Family Farm)
Schenectady, New York (Cunha Memorial Hospital)

Trailer [2160p 4K]:

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