BRIDES OF SATAN (2020) Review and overview


‘Revenge is a dish best served bloody’

Brides of Satan is a 2020 American exploitation horror film about a gang of satanic exotic dancers that kidnap an innocent young couple; a horrifying scenario ensues.

Directed by Joe Bizarro (Another Plan from Outer Space associate producer) from a screenplay co-written with Noel Maitland, the movie stars Mindy Robinson (Dark Angels: The Demon Pit; 5th Passenger; Evil Bong franchise), Anastasia Elfman (Kill Dolly Kill; Aliens, Clowns & Geeks; 10/31 Part II), Ari Agbabian and Joanna Angel.

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“The look of this film is very nicely shot. Kudos to the director of photography and co-writer Noel Maitland. I also want to mention the energetic score by Jamie Coghill and Matt Rappoli. There’s close to an hour of in-your-face, dance-worthy music that’ll keep you pumped from beginning ’til the end. The gore factor is very enjoyable, with some sweet kills and a cool-looking demon beast to top off the movie.” Nightmarish Conjurings


A limited-edition Blu-ray is available direct from Darkside Releasing

Cast and characters:

Mindy Robinson … Mary
Anastasia Elfman … Switchblade Kitty
Ari Agbabian … Dirty Bird Bar Rat
Joanna Angel … Brianna
James Balsamo … Cyborg Punk #2
Olivia Bellafontaine … Samantha Whitehaven
Sophia Cacciola … Honeydew
Alexa Camargo … Dirty Bird Bar Rat
Kate Feld … Luna Lester
Daisy May Cooper … Dark Priestess
Madelyne Cruelly … Roxy
Derrek Diamond … Milkshake
Zamra Dollskin … Cherry
Tony Voltage E.L.A. … Tony Neon
Michael J. Epstein … Dewdrop


$66,000 (estimated)