CLOWN MOTEL VACANCIES (2020) Canadian horror – free to watch online


Clown Motel Vacancies is a 2020 Canadian horror film about a man and his pregnant wife who encounter killers on a trip.

In 2021, a sequel called Daddy was released.

Written, directed by and co-starring Jason Mills (Mermaid Isle; Alien PsychosisBigfoot CountryAlone We Are NotThey Came from the Attic), the movie also stars Darren Andrichuk, Robert Allan Hughes and Paul Mills.


When Shane has unfinished business, both personal and professional, he takes a trip with his pregnant wife Tara to a motel on the outskirts of town. Unbeknownst to him, the motel is not what it seems. While he tries to sort out his affair with his wife’s best friend, “Clowns” are waiting and ready to let the killing games begin.

Will Tara be able to spot the danger and save herself and her baby? And will Shane be too busy with his tangled love affair to sense the danger and choose the right path?

Cast and characters:

Darren Andrichuk … Daddy
Robert Allan Hughes … Dusty
Jason Mills … Happy
Paul Mills … Pappy
Scott Osborne … Red
Kiana Passmore … Tara
Hans Potter … Salesman
Brooke Walker … Trixie

Technical details:

80 minutes


Clown Motel Vacancies is a micro-budget horror film made for under $1000 and shot in three days.


Full film free to watch online:

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