CRAWLERS (2020) Preview and overview of post-apocalyptic zombie flick


Crawlers is a 2020 American science-fiction horror film about a post-apocalyptic zombie pandemic in which survivors flee to Mexico. Also known as Life After Zombies

Written and directed by Gisyerg Bermudez, the Aye Films production stars Richard Ryan, Anniette Sharai Calderon, Mateo de Lima and Luis de Lima.


In the year 2030, a zombie pandemic of Biblical proportions decimates the United States’ population. American survivors rush to Mexico to ‘El Santuario del Sur’, the southern sanctuary, a rocky plateau believed to be free from zombies…

Cast and characters:

Richard Ryan … Joey, the Bartender
Anniette Sharai Calderon … Rachel
Mateo de Lima … Chip
Luis de Lima … Brian
Steve Silverie … Tom
Victor Garces … Zombie #2
José Gregorio Güinare Rivero … Fast Zombie
Jose Antonio Millan … Zombie #3
Daniela Villamizar … Female Zombie


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