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Writer and director Joston Theney has re-edited his Axeman movie – first released in 2013 – and after toying with the title Axeman: Redux  – reverted to its original shooting title, Axeman at Cutter’s Creek. Theney explained:

Axeman was a fun movie to make and I’m so appreciative of the super supportive fanbase. But, to no fault of the cast and crew, it got rushed and we never really put our movie’s best foot forward.

This one’ll include never-before-seen footage and a slicker, faster 80-minute run-time. What really killed me was not wrapping up the film as originally intended. It was envisioned as a trilogy from the outset and the ending we were forced to go with painted us into a corner. But this release of Axeman at Cutter’s Creek course corrects the ship and is our first step to putting us on a path to finishing the franchise strong.

SinningWorks releases Axeman at Cutter’s Creek on major VOD platforms on May 7th 2021.


” …as a slasher movie, Axeman Redux really gets things right: For one, it’s much more character-centered than your usual genre fare, which of course helps with caring for the victims, then the right balance is found not only between suspense, jump scares and gruesomeness, but also between drama and comedy, and the killings are gruesome and inventive but never feel gratuitous.” Search My Trash

New trailer:

Here is our coverage of the original release:


‘A vacation to dismember’

Axeman is a 2013 American slasher horror film written and directed by Joston Theney (Bleed 4 Me) who also stars.

In 2016, a sequel, Axeman II: Overkill was released. In 2020, Axeman: Redux was announced, intended to be a re-edited version of the original.

Tiffany Shepis (Sharknado 2; The Legend of Six FingersModel Hunger), Brinke Stevens (Teenage Exorcist; Repligator; Night of Something Strange), Scot Pollard, Elissa Dowling (Dahmer vs. Gacy, Borderline Cult), Jamie Bernadette, Arielle Brachfeld, Erin Marie Hogan, Stephen Eith, Chantelle Albers.


Nine vacationing twenty-somethings are hunted by an axe-wielding local legend…



Axeman is a bad movie, no doubt about it, but it’s knowingly bad. The soap opera-esque, unmoderated couples’ therapy feel of some scenes helps keep things interesting. Those with a taste for cheesy, campy, sophomorically humorous horror flicks should give it a shot.” Cinema Lowdown

Axeman has too many characters and too much relationship drama smashed into its plotline. Kudos for trying to flesh in some depth to the cast of knife fodder, but the group is so dull and so cruel to each other that caring about anyone’s backstory is an insurmountable challenge. The excessive meandering into their uninteresting romantic sideplots also puts the brakes on any tension…” Culture Crypt

“The kills are fun and totally 80s-ed out, and the set up from one scene to the next is actually done with a lot of skill and love. This campy horror fest takes itself just serious enough to be a real movie, but not so serious that it fools itself into thinking its anything it isn’t.” Horror Punks

“Finally, the film does several kills with most of them taking place on camera but they are ruined with horrible CGI and visual effects. Overall, Axeman is a film that fails to really deliver on the goods. It does have a few praise points but for the most part it misses the boat.” Horror Society


“When the title of your movie is the second best thing about it, you know you’re in trouble. You’ll hate the characters so much you just wont be bothered about then getting killed and you certainly wont want to see any of them survive. There’s plenty of good slasher movies out there and there’s plenty of fun eighties slashers to, so go watch some of them instead of this.” Nerdly


” …where this turd really falters is in the chatter, as mindless and as imbecilic as anything we’ve come across in the indie horror world (and that’s really saying something as Noël Coward types don’t exactly flock to the genre). Examples: “In college she took so much c*ck, I thought she was a survivalist stocking up for World War III.”

“I should c*nt punch you both off this porch.”

“Your liver is like a Tic-Tac.”

“Choke on a wiener, f*cktard.”

Not only is Axeman stupid, vulgar and depressing, it makes a little part of you die inside.” Really Awful Movies

Cast and characters:

Tiffany Shepis … Denise
Brinke Stevens … Sheriff Charlene Wopuzer
Elissa Dowling … Stacy
Arielle Brachfeld … Deputy Darlene Whitfield
Scot Pollard … The Axeman
Chantelle Albers … Cassidy
Stephen Eith … Brian Corbin
Dylan Hobbs … Doug
Jamie Bernadette … Tammy
Erin Marie Hogan … Liz
Eliza Kiss … Vivian
Nihilist Gelo … Randy
Joston Theney … Darren
Carlos Javier Castillo … Vale
Ray Trickitt … Paulie

Filming locations:

Big Bear Lake, Big Bear Valley, San Bernardino National Forest, California

Technical details:

105 minutes (original) | 78 minutes (redux)
Aspect ratio: 16:9 HD
Audio: Stereo


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