REUNION FROM HELL (2021) Reviews and overview of slasher

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‘Everyone is a suspect and no one is safe!!’

Reunion from Hell is a 2021 American slasher horror film about a young queer man and his friends who are being targeted by a mystery killer.

A sequel, Reunion from Hell 2, was produced in 2022.

Directed by Hayden Newman, who also co-stars, and Sam Hodge from a screenplay co-written by Hayden Newman and Jake Zelch, the Cinesavage Films production stars Cathy Podewell, James Stokes and Adam Freeman.

Since his father’s passing, Riley Conner (Hayden Newman) has not returned to his hometown. But when the news of a murdered friend comes to light, Riley is forced to return home, unknowing that his life, along with those of his friends, will soon be in grave danger.

As the body count rises, Riley discovers that the killer has a very specific plan in mind while hunting down his former classmates. It’s a race against time as Riley must learn the identity of the killer, before all those he cares deeply for are dead. It’s going to be one hell of a reunion…

“Overall, Reunion from Hell has some fun moments but the story is stretched way too thin. The movie could use some heavy editing with at least 30 to 40 minutes cut. It still deserves a watch because the opening and ending is well worth it…” Horror Society

“My problem with the story, in general, was how closely it all sticks to the genre, there seemed to be no surprises, the reveal of the killer was obvious, even if it also led to a frustrating moment that is never explained and seemed to be there just to briefly throw the scent off of another character. Even this element was an idea borrowed from a previous classic slasher.” The Rotting Zombie

” …it doesn’t solely rely on suspense, scare tactics and violence but paints a rich backstory that’s ultimately essential to the resolution of the film, while the characters are more than just cannon fodder but rounded out in a warts-and-all way, with a solid cast bringing them to life rather nicely. And all of this adds up to an interesting mystery as well as a fun genre ride.” Search My Trash

“Admirably, Reunion from Hell somehow comes together pretty nicely. It’s not revolutionary by any means, but it certainly works as a love letter to the ’80s slasher flicks that Carpenter first inspired well over forty years ago. Hollywood could certainly take notes from its representation of the gay community.” Starburst

Reunion from Hell homages 1990s slashers and has that familiar structure. While it presents itself as something generic, it’s nothing short of an anomaly. It’s a gender-bending modern horror film with gay denotations and LGBTQ perspectives. It’s not a masterpiece, but it has a loyal niche that it’s dying to seduce.” Tales of Terror

Cast and characters:
Cathy Podewell … Laurel Conner
James Stokes … Sheriff Prescott
Hayden Newman … Riley Conner
Adam Freeman … Reese Sanders / Gage Sanders
Cody Alexander … Chris
Jessa Flux … Paige
Deryk Wehrley … Killer In Costume
Johnna Vaughn … Jen
Jeremiah Lee Steinert … Brady Conner
Stephen McGill … Kyle
Jace Martin Chambers … Randy
Orlando Rodriguez … Detective Shivers
Blake Holsworth … Bruce Balakee

Filming locations:
Louisville, Kentucky (main location)
Charlotte North Carolina (pick up shots)
Barboursville, West Virginia (pick up shots)

Production dates:
10th October 2020 to 20th October 2020

Technical details:
1 hour 28 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.39: 1
Audio: Stereo



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